When Defective Motorcycle Parts Cause Accidents

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When a motorcyclist goes for a ride, they expect it to work correctly. However, sometimes a motorcycle accident can be caused by a defective part. National Highway Traffic Safety data states that motorcyclists die in crashes much more often than other drivers. Sometimes, those fatalities are due to defective motorcycle parts. 

Suppose you are injured or lost a loved one because of a defective motorcycle part. In that case, you may need to hire a motorcycle accident attorney so you can receive compensation for their injuries. 

An injured motorcyclist can sue for a defective motorcycle part, just as they can a negligent driver. However, what if you are in a motorcycle accident but are unsure if a defective part caused the wreck? An investigation by your attorney may be able to prove that your injuries were because of a defect. 

Determining if a Defective Part Caused Your Crash

Some unusual signs before a crash might make you suspect a defective part led to your accident. For example, if you have new tires on your motorcycle and suffered a blowout, it is essential to have an expert look at it. 

It is possible that road debris punctured the tire. But the blowout also may have been caused by a defective tire tread. Sometimes the tread on a new tire can separate and cause an accident. 

If you think a defective tire caused your crash, you must prove it. It is vital to show that the tire came to you defective and directly caused your injuries. Evidence is essential in a faulty part lawsuit. That is why you must keep every possible defective part after an accident. 

Also, hold on to all labeling and instructions that came with your bike and the part. A purchase receipt for your bike and the possibly defective part is critical evidence. 

Common Defective Motorcycle Parts

Defective motorcycle parts are common. In 2015, motorcycle company Harley-Davidson recalled almost 200,000 units because of worries about faulty saddlebags causing accidents. 

If just one part of a motorcycle fails to operate correctly, your bike and safety are at risk. A faulty braking system, defective tire, engine, or transmission could cause a crash and injuries. 

Additionally, a defective helmet can lead to severe or fatal injuries if it fails to withstand an impact. 

Other types of motorcycle defects may include a stuck throttle, chain failure, subpar dealer assembly, defective pedals, defective toe clips, and shock absorber failure. 

One of the most common defective motorcycle parts is the handlebars, which may cause wobbling and shaking that causes a crash. Another common issue is a rear tire problem that causes an imbalance and crash. 

Motorcycle Recalls

Sometimes a defective motorcycle part can cause the company to issue a recall. These actions are handled through the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. If you hire an attorney, they can verify if any defective part on your motorcycle was the subject of a product recall. If so, this may bolster your case. 

Filing a Defective Product Lawsuit

You can file a defective product lawsuit if a defective motorcycle part injures you. If you hire a Oakland motorcycle accident lawyers to represent you, they can help you do the following: 

  • Talk to experts to testify about how one of the parts malfunctioned and injured you 
  • Argue that the defective part directly caused your injuries 
  • Collect and organize vital evidence that could show you to be a victim of negligence
  • Negotiate with stingy insurance companies to ensure you get proper compensation for your injuries
  • Prepare the case to go to trial if settlement negotiations fail

Using a motorcycle crash lawyer after a defective part accident may help you to obtain the compensation you need to move forward with your life. 

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