When Is The Best Time/Season To Move?

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If you are wondering if there is a good time or season to move out, then the answer would depend on you. This is because needs and requirements vary from one person to the next. And just like in every other thing, there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all kind of solution.

However, in this article, you will learn about the signs that you should move and the best time when you should plan your move and look for good deals from the best moving company St Peters, MO. Let’s get started with how you know you are ready to move.

What Are The Signs That You Need To Move

Different people live where they live for multiple reasons. But check out for the following signs to know that it is time for you to look for another house;

Boredom/ Being Unhappy

If you start to feel bored or unhappy with your current house, then you should start thinking of moving. The reason for your unhappiness or boredom could be that you don’t like your job anymore, or you just realized you don’t have everything you need and want in that city.

If You Change Workplace Or School

Sometimes the need to move is brought about by convenience. If you change your office to a different part of town or got promoted to represent your company in the next town, then moving is inevitable. You might also consider moving if you change schools.

If You Can No Longer Afford It

When it comes to matters concerning money, you have to be wise. And this does not only refer to rent but rather the economy and lifestyle in the city. Some cities are generally more expensive than others. If your finances become stressful, and you can’t afford anything anymore, sometimes basic needs, it’s time to move. 

When Is The Best Time To Move

So is there a better time or season to move? Like said above, it all depends on your needs. But the best time to get the best moving services and the best prices is during off-seasons;

Check Out The Weather Conditions And Climate 

The last things you want are icy roads, snow blocks, and treacherous conditions when you are moving. This means if you are living in the colder part, then you want to pass mid-winter until towards the end of the seasons. It might also not be ideal for kids.

However, if you are on a budget and your concern is more about the finances, then this could be the perfect timing. At this time of the year, moving companies are not busy and have flexible schedules. That means you also have a better chance of negotiating the lowest quote.

Best Days To Move

While making that call or sending that email, or even during a meeting, booking any day between Monday and Thursday is your best bet. During weekdays, people are busy and demands are not as high as during the weekends. So if you can get a chance to miss one or two days at work, take advantage of it.


Holidays seem like the best time to snag cheaper deals. But it really isn’t. This is when moving and repair companies charge more. You also stand the risk of getting stuck in traffic or having to store your belongings in temporary housing. 

On the far side, not all holidays are the same so you won’t get stuck in snow on all holidays. Most times, this is also off-season for moving companies that are still operating so you equally stand a chance to get better deals. The best thing is to study your area, your requirements, and be mindful of the seasons and the holidays. 

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