Where Horse Racing Betting Stands Today: 7 Points to Justify

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Technology has impacted almost all aspects of our lives. It has changed the way we act, commute, clean, cook, communicate and entertain ourselves. Several industries have also benefited from technological developments from the last couple of decades and sport is no exception to this. 

Horse racing is a top performance sport in Australia. People wager billions of dollars each year gambling on horse races – a very popular pastime in the country. However, due to technology, horse racing betting today is not what it was two decades ago.

Online betting Australia has changed the entire course of action for horse racing. It has altered the way people used to gamble on races and bought horse racing betting to where it is today. 

1. Improved Data

Horse racing is a data-driven sport. Punters, fans, and trainers use several factors, such as weather and track conditions, distance, and shape of the track to predict the outcomes of a horse race. Many companies have developed tracking equipment, similar to fitness trackers, which can detect where a horse stands in real-time.  Some have also developed devices that can be used to assess the track conditions and detect the status of the track accurately. All these developments are driven by data that allows punters to minimize their risks and place calculated bets. 

2. Mobile Sports Betting

Gambling has always been a part of horse racing and many people see it as part of the experience of visiting the track. 

For over a century, horse race betting was done manually using totes and bookmakers. Transactions were handled in cash, and there was a massive crowd of punters who wanted to make sure their bets were placed on time. 

While traditional betting still takes place, technology has made it easier for people to gamble on horses. Mobile betting sites are gaining popularity fast. One such example is Palmerbet, an Australian licensed online bookmaking site that offers a more youthful and interactive betting experience for all punters located anywhere in the world.  Using Palmerbet, you can compare odds more easily, pay with your debit card, and keep track of all your betting slips in one place.  

3. Photo Techniques

In horse racing, it can be difficult to distinguish the winner with the naked eye. For this reason, racecourses use photo finishes to decide whether a race had a definitive victor or not. However, these are not very efficient.

Newer techniques, such as the use of 1-dimensional array sensors, are gaining popularity fast. These techniques can help remove delays usually caused by photo finishes. 

Traditionally, fans and punters had to wait for photos to be developed before they’d find out if their bets would have a payout. However, with this new digital technology, you can get the answer immediately!

4. Safety

Technology also plays a key role in improving safety when it comes to horse race betting. Using medical equipment, such as thermal imaging cameras, MRI scanners, X-rays, and endoscopes, vets can accurately and regularly check the temperature of horses after a race and diagnose injuries and diseases before they become a serious issue. 

The safety of the riders and their horses is also of paramount importance to the organisers. Hence, they now use bright colours on fences as it helps horses to see them better in jump races. Simple track design alterations to minimize accidents have changed the name of the game. 

5. Veterinary Practices

With the evolution of horse racing, better veterinary practices have also evolved. These practices have enabled better health management for the horses. Back in the early 1900s, injured horses were euthanized right on the tracks to reduce their pain but today, with better vet care, this risk has reduced significantly. 

Horses that take part in races today receive proper care. Most medical issues can now be resolved with the help of medicines or surgery. You can expect more medical measures to be taken in 2021 an example of which can be seen in the Caulfield Cup 2021.

6. Breeding

In the past, thoroughbred horses were used just for races but now they are used for a variety of equestrian sports. These horses are put through rigorous and thoroughly organised breeding processes. 

Horses are shipped all over the world and can breed around 400 mares in just one year. They are fed only premium food and raced on aluminium racing plates with proper equipment to reduce risks of injury. 

7. Accessibility

In the early 1900s, horse racing was a sporting event mainly for the affluent class. However, the interest in the sport has now become more widespread. People from all classes and statures can now access horse races like the famous Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Guineas, and Caulfield Stakes.

Horse racing betting has also become more accessible to women. Plenty of female jockeys and trainers now compete in horse races across the globe. 

Horse racing is spreading its wings fast and reaching new avenues as more countries opening up to the game commissioned more tracks. Today, an average racehorse travels more across countries for races than it could in earlier times and sometimes even flies to them for different races in the same season. Such is the power of horse racing online betting Australia

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