Where to find a good walking tour in Leipzig

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Are you looking for the most interesting places to visit in Leipzig? Have you no clue how to organize your weekends? In this article, we will explain why Leipzig is considered to be one of the most curious cities for tourists. But there is no better way to explore the city rather than to discover it on foot. Here you will find out about where you can find a free walking tour Leipzig. Once you finish reading this article, you will also know about what kind of attractions you will encounter during the adventure.

A little more about the town

Leipzig is a great city for those who want to know more about German history, culture, and art. The city is full of museums, universities, galleries, and historical buildings. This city was considered to be an important book trade center, so it is well suited for discovery. Here you can both rest and learn something new.

The walking trip will include such places as:

  1. University of Leipzig. One of the oldest educational establishments in Germany. Discover its history and its art treasures. Hear about the most famous alumni who studied there throughout history. 
  2. Nicolas Church. Constructed in 1165, the Nicolas Church both combines Gothic and Romanesque styles. Here Johan Sebastian Bach debuted several of his works and once served here as a music director. It is considered to be one of the largest churches in Saxony. 
  3. New City Hall. Since 1905, it has served as the city’s administrative center. Claims to be one of the most important halls in Germany. It is built in historicist style with extraordinary interior design and an ornamental facade.
  4. Old Town Hall. A museum dedicated to the city’s history, with a true-to-scale model of the city from the 19th century inside. The ballroom of the building is currently used for city events and concerts. 

Notable mentions:

  • Federal Administrative Court;
  • Bach Monument;
  • Thomas Church;
  • Gewandhaus;
  • Leipzig Opera.

You can explore all those buildings with an experienced tour guide and pay nothing at all. In return, you will receive a new experience, discoveries, and a feeling that you haven’t wasted your money on tickets. 

How to book a walking tour

The walking tour is available in three languages — German, Spanish, and English. Based on your schedule, choose the most convenient option for you. There is always a meeting point with a map situated right below the picture. Don’t worry about getting lost trying to find your group. If you are still not sure — you can find reviews about walking tours in Leipzig and see people sharing their emotions about the tour. If everything is all right, click on the button “Book Now” and fill out the form.

You will be asked to select the language, date, time, and number of guests in the application form, followed by confirming the date and time. After, you will be asked to provide your personal information — First and Last name, and contact information. Instantly, you will receive a confirmation letter in your email. After that, you can just wait for your unforgettable adventure. If there are any questions, the customer support of the website is always ready to help.

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