Where To Get Personalized Books For Your Children

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Storytime with your child is an invaluable way to spend time together bonding and learning from one another. It’s more than simply making funny voices and weird faces as you act out the different characters in a story; you’re nurturing your child’s imagination, teaching them a love for reading at a young age, and imparting on them the wisdom found in the book in an easily accessible manner.

Storytime is made extra special by personalizing the book for your child. For example, the book can read [Name] Excellent Adventure – replacing the parenthetical iteration with your child’s name, aka, Dawn’s Excellent Adventure, or Tim’s Excellent Adventure, and so on. Not only will this grab your kid’s attention straight away, encouraging them to sit still and listen, but they will also truly absorb the lessons of the book, become more immersed in its world, and will beg you to read even more to them as their love for reading grows exponentially. These books don’t only serve as excellent teaching tools, they are wonderfully personal gifts your children will cherish for many, many years to come. Read on for more information on getting a personalized book for your kids.

The Beauty of Book Clubs

Several outlets specialize in creating personalized versions of books for your children, and they can run the gamut from incredibly beautiful to cute and whimsical. A good way of finding the right fit for you is by reaching out to a children’s book club for their advice. These book clubs have been around for decades, and they are helmed by editors, writers, and other book lovers who take children’s education and children’s literature very seriously. 

Many of these book clubs now offer excellent subscription boxes that are bound to keep your children busy for hours since they can be tailored to their unique tastes and make them feel truly special. They can be introduced to new authors who will quickly become their favorites and personalized books that will make them even more excited about reading and learning. Watch as their eyes grow wide with wonder as you turn every page, and soon enough, you will need to invest in more bookshelves to make room for your budding bookworm’s collection. Beyond the subscription box route, it still pays to follow the guides put out by these fantastic companies, as they’re familiar with what speaks to kids and excites them.

Make Your Own

If you have a nice printer at home, a rich imagination, and like to write or possess some minimal graphic design skills, then you can easily put together a short book at home. You can try looking up a few templates online for popular children’s stories that you can adapt and personalize for your child, or you can always get creative and write your own. If you have nursed dreams of being a writer but have had to put them on hold for financial or other practical reasons, then here’s your chance to shine and become a sort of hero to your child. 

If the “verbiage” isn’t a problem, but the graphics or illustrations are, then you can try several routes. For one, you can always crib nice illustrations from this great thing called the world wide web, and print them according to your specifications once you have designed the book’s general layout. Since this is just a personal project for you and your family, worrying about copyright is a bit silly – after all, there are no aspirations to publish the work! Well, there are also plenty of open-source images to plunder, so keep that in mind, too, if you’re super worried.

Another idea is to make a sort of “choose your own adventure” style book for your child, except he or she can illustrate the book to their liking. This will create a more immersive and interactive way of working for your child, and they will be extra encouraged to do so since the book is essentially about them, or is personalized according to their interests and character traits. Finally, even if this is a makeshift sort of book, you can still turn it into a beautiful keepsake by either sprucing up the binding yourself or taking it to a professional printer to create a beautiful, handcrafted version of your work.

Spending time poring over a great book containing beautiful illustrations with your child is a wonderful experience for you both. Don’t take that magic for granted, and encourage your kids’ love of reading every opportunity you get. If you’re unsure where to get the kind of personalized book that your child would find intriguing, you can always subscribe to a book club or check out what these services send their clients so you can follow in their footsteps.

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