Where To Stay in Switzerland’s Largest City

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Beautiful homes, mountains, and snow in the city of Switzerland.

Do you have the time and money to familiarize yourself with Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city? There is so much to discover in this city and it is definitely worth visiting. However, one big aspect of the trip that makes people reconsider is the price tag. Zurich is known to be an expensive city and it does not have a lot of hostels for the money-conscious backpacker to invest in.

So if you have decided to make the trip, you will need to look for a nice apartment to rent and make an itinerary beforehand. This will help you stay within the budget and mitigate the chances of getting culture shock. To help you decide, here are our favorite neighborhoods to stay in in Zurich.

Zurich West

Zurich West is one of Europe’s trendiest neighborhoods. If you have a tight budget, your best bet for finding an affordable place to stay is in this area. It will still be higher than normal, especially if you visit during peak seasons, but it will definitely be more affordable here than anywhere else.

This neighborhood is Switzerland’s cultural district. You can visit the Lenbräu Complex and the Kunsthalle Zurich, which are two of the most renowned art museums in the country. If you are not in the mood for museums, then maybe art galleries like the Galerie Francesca Pia and Bob van Orsouw are more your style.

Langstrasse / District 4

Hoping to indulge in the local nightlife? Then Langstrasse, or District 4, is the neighborhood you are looking for. A few years ago, Langstrasse housed Zurich’s main red-light district. Today, the area has become one of the hottest and most hip neighborhoods in the city. It is the main destination for party animals and people looking to unwind after a tough day at work.

Feel free to take a quick look around the area. District 4 has plenty of nightclubs, bars, cocktail lounges, and pubs. There is something for everyone in District 4. It’s worth noting that parts of the area are still considered the red light district, so keep an eye on your surroundings and don’t stray too far from the nightlife if that is not what you have in mind for the night.

Langstrasse does not have a lot of child-friendly activities. If you are traveling with family, you may want to consider traveling to the other areas in Zurich instead.

Alstadt / Old Town

If you want to get to know the roots of this historic city, start your journey in Alstadt. The Old Town has plenty of beautiful sights to take in, such as the Paradeplatz and Lindenhof Hill. One popular option for tourists in Alstadt is to go on a walking tour.

The Old Town has plenty of ancient churches and medieval monasteries. Even if you are not a religious person, the architecture is worth admiring! Your stay in Zurich will feel like a trip back in time as you meander down narrow alleyways and peruse the local shops.


When you are done walking around the Old Town, you can easily cross over to Niedendorf and see what it has to offer! Here is another walkable neighborhood with a rich historical background. Niederdorf offers the same sights as Alstadt, but it does have a livelier nightlife compared to the Old Town. There are plenty of hip bars and clubs along the river that will gladly entertain you.

In the daytime, Niederdorf is a great family-friendly option. You can take yourself and your loved ones on a trip through thrift shops, art galleries, and even high-end stores. Aside from shopping, Niederdorf is also the neighborhood where landmarks like the University of Zurich, Lindenhof, and the Swiss National Museum are located.

Zurich City Center

Did you just get off the plane? Are you already excited to see what Zurich has to offer? The city center is just six miles away from the airport and this area is a balanced mix of everything that the city has to offer: intricate architecture, plenty of shopping options, and beautiful coffee shops.

Aside from leisure activities, this is also the financial center of Switzerland. If work brought you to the lovely city of Zurich, the city center is the ideal place to find a rental for your stay.

Riesbach / District 8

Riesbach or District 8 is the perfect place for people who want to spend some time in the sun. This used to be the place where fishermen would dock and stay, shucking seafood. Now, it’s an incredibly family-friendly area with plenty of outdoor activities. You can take a stroll around the Seefeld lakeshore parks, or visit Zurich’s Chinese Garden.

If you feel like it’s your lucky day, Riesbach is also where the Zurichorn casino and outdoor cinema are located. You can continue to admire the scenic views while testing your fortunes at a card game.

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