Which Are Some Good Hunting Destinations In America?

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Only a true hunter would understand the Adrenaline Rush that comes with taking down the game . Tracking down the game to taking the winning shot, posing for a picture with the kill, these are the movements measured by many Hunters. You can get that award winning hunting picture with the buck’s head, massive antlers all hanging over your fireplace only if you have the knowledge of the right location to plan your hunting expedition. Don’t be a hunter who spends days on end in the woods peering through his hunting binocular, armed with a hunting crossbow used to show up to unexpected households with a backpack filled with nothing.

If you are going for a wild hunting experience, some destinations are rife with the big game. A trip to the African Serengeti with lush rain forests and herds of big, exotic game is a hunter’s dream. But if are not interested in the African wildlife, then here are the best destinations in the USA –

Salmon, Idaho – On hearing the name like Salmon, fishing comes to mind readily when you talk of the town in Idaho. This city lives up to its name with a lot of species of Trout, and all kinds of fish species for the hunting. These fishes are available all year long.Salmon is full of elk and deer, even though there are wolves but those are few herds in number. You would have rather more of a challenge, man versus wild cat type over here.

Salmon has a good population of bears and mountain lions, but if you want the ante and grizzly head hangover your mantle piece rather than plain elk then you need to grab up one of your best game backpacks and get your vehicle running with your hunting GPS set for Salmon, Idaho.

Rapid City, South Dakota – This city is a Hunters dream come true. You don’t need a particular season because games are available all year round, it is always open season in Rapid City. It has a beautiful Terrain, great for hunting as well as photo opportunities with mountains, lakes and cold water streams. Rapid City has both opportunities for hunting and fishing. You certainly will find a lot of the deer, elk and even wild Turkey. Even big, black grizzly bears with the cubs are many .

Alaska – Alaska is the right hunting ground where you get your tree stand out and start scoping the mountains for some moose. The Alaskan-Yukon Bull moose are known to carry antlers spanning well over 6 feet. Those are the world’s largest and heaviest antlers.

George Town, South Carolina-  Georgetown has numerous rivers full of various species of fish and a free range of wild poultry. South Carolina’s hunting spot is filled with wild Turkey, quails and other small game. You can get your hunting tree stands set up in the area known for deer sightings, you don’t have to get yourself in the lock up for shooting, what you thought was a deer. You can have a lifetime experience of Rifles and Recipes together.

Besides these there are many hunting spots in the USA, like – Venice in Louisiana town, Appleton in Wisconsin, Charleston-Beckley in West Virginia, Dallas County – Alabama, Vassalboro in Maine, and Arizona. 

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