Which MMORPG and online games are worth playing in March 2021?

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In March 2021, EZNPC recommends some interesting MMOs and online games for you, which have been released or have undergone significant updates. A new version is waiting for you at the end of this month. What kind of game are they? The selected games are online games that you can play with friends & strangers like online racing games. Each selected title will receive an update this month to celebrate its release or provide something unique in other ways, so it’s worth playing now. EZNPC mixes chosen games, and the order does not reflect any ratings.

Valheim – a surprise in 2021


What kind of game is this? In Valheim, it is a survival game where you can gamble cooperatively alone or with ten players. You will be thrown into a vast, randomly generated world in which you are fighting for survival.

The game world is based on Norse mythology, and your hero is a Viking. With it, you can collect raw materials, build a base and devote yourself to fighting dangerous monsters and heavy bosses.

Valheim has some characteristics that players like:

– A random world created by the program

– An innovative system in which you must explore new areas and find Valheim Items to learn new recipes

– Ample opportunities for base construction and production

– Tame wildlife

– The boss fights start and end the chapters of the game.

– Cooperative games and purely optional PvP

– Graphics that don’t look too modern but still attract many gamers

This is why you should play Valheim in March.

Soon after its release, Valheim became one of the biggest games on Steam, leaving games like Rust and Dota 2 behind. So far, this is an unexpected blow in 2021.

The game is mainly aimed at survival game fans who do not want to use PvP but prefer to explore the vast PvE world. Especially boss fights are highlighted as bright spots.

Valheim is priced at 16.79 euros on Steam, and it is still in Early Access. Four major and free updates for the survival game have been announced.

Runeterra – new map and 2v2 mode


What kind of game is this? The card game The Legend of Runeterra is reminiscent of Heartstone and Magic: Party. Both parties can take turns in a round and use instant spells to disrupt the opponent’s actions.

Compared with, for example, Hearthstone, this brings more challenging battles and more changes, but it does not go deep, so even beginners can quickly find a solution.

The game is aimed at fans of League of Legends, who can use the champions and legendary characters in the game. You would be amazed to know that LoL Elo boosting allows a higher-skilled player to boost their rank as quickly as possible to get into the next level. League of Legends can be awesome to play for both beginners and veteran players because of its replayability. But it could be boring if you are using a new account since you would be playing with bots and you wouldn’t have that many characters unlocked. If you want to skip the boring AI matches and heavy grinding just to get your account to level 30, you can easily get smurf League of Legends accounts from LOL Script. 

These are the highlights of the legend of Runeterra.

There are more than 600 different cards, and you can add 40 of them to the deck. Each card can be packed into the deck up to 3 times.

This is why you should play Legend of Runeterra in March.

Since its release about a year ago, Legend of Runeterra has come a long way. More than 300 new cards and many champions have now been added.

– On March 3, a new expansion, Ascend Empire, will be released. This brings some interesting innovations:

– New card

– Championship Tournament, a progressive system in which you can show your mastery of a particular champion.

2v2 mode, where you can compete with friends or random players

Runeterra Legend also started a series of seasonal competitions. The finale of the season will be held on February 28, but more competitions are planned.

The Elder Scrolls Online – New DLC and the start of a new year

The Elder Scrolls Online

What kind of game is this? Elder Scrolls Online is ZeniMax’s theme park, MMORPG, located in the Tamriel world less than 1,000 years away from the sky.

You can experience the MMO story with other players, or you can complete it alone. Thanks to the unique phasing technology, the world changes dynamically for you, but sometimes other players around you stay the same.

When creating a character, you can choose from 10 races and six classes. The system is also supplemented by skill lines to expand the repertoire of your personality.

These are the highlights of ESO.

ESO receives three DLCs and one major expansion each year. In 2020, we went to Skyrim and discovered the black heart of Skyrim. The new year is about forgetting and the villain Mehrunes Dagon.

– Update regularly, at least once a quarter

– A vast game world

– Complete set of tasks and beautiful stories

– Diverse dungeons

– Server and Server PvP

This is why you should play ESO in March.

The first DLC will be released in 2021 on March 8 (PC) and March 16 (console). With the flame of ambition, there will be two new dungeons and a fascinating mission to acquire more ESO Gold, leading to the further Blackwood expansion.

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