Which Travel Trailer is the Most Luxurious?

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 Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are the ultimate in road trip accommodations. You get the freedom of parking the trailer and taking your car for a spin in the mountains and the flexibility to join campgrounds without having to find one that will accommodate an oversized motorhome. A luxury travel trailer, like the Bowlus, takes it one step further. It lets you travel in style, bringing the comforts of home with you on the road.

What makes a travel trailer luxurious?

Luxury means different things to different people. At Bowlus, luxury is defined by incredible design, features that make life easier and all of the little details that take things from the mundane to the extraordinary. Having air conditioning when you’re parked in the desert or quiet radiators warming up the trailer when you’re snuggled up for winter camping can elevate your journey from good to incredible.

Having water in your trailer is a basic necessity but having filtered water you know you can feel good about using, separates regular RV from luxury travel trailers. Being able to be completely self-contained and not having to depend on wet hookups at trailer campgrounds allows you to pick and choose where you want to spend the night. Off-the-grid and away from the bustling crowds is a privilege few get to enjoy these days. The Bowlus offers the epitome of water filtration systems in a travel trailer and will provide up to 19 gallons of sediment-free, high-quality water.

Having a premium lithium power system means not having to fight over outlets at the nearest RV camp. Superior battery power means running lights or even computers so you can work or watch a movie in the middle of the wilderness. That is luxury. The Bowlus offers a top-of-the-line lithium-iron-phosphate battery that will keep things running so you can get things done or kick back and relax.

Being able to cook your own meals indoors or outdoors is the ultimate in camping luxury. Road trips don’t have to be full of the same old diner food day after day. You can cook elaborate or simple meals to nourish your family with the ease of a kitchen galley or outdoor cooking facilities in the Bowlus. Having the ability to create a family gathering around the table provides the familiarity of home in a sleek luxury travel trailer.

Going on camping trips seems to be synonymous with a poor night’s sleep on the ground. With a luxury travel trailer, you can expect a comfortable night’s sleep on the high-quality memory foam mattresses of the Bowlus. There is enough space to comfortably sleep four so everyone gets in their shut-eye. The Bowlus takes bedding a step further with incredibly soft linen sheets and duvets to not only provide a cozy finish to the room but to integrate with the elegant interior design

A luxury travel trailer is designed for those wanting more than just somewhere to stay during a trip, it is made for those looking for their home away from home. Those who plan to live in their RV full time will find the Bowlus the perfect place to work on the road. The table and seating are designed for a long email session in the afternoon or a four-hour dinner celebrating the local foods of the area. You can feel confident knowing that you won’t miss a day of work with the private Wifi network. That kind of peace of mind is priceless.

When considering luxury, important factors such as safety and cleanliness are paramount for a positive overall experience. The Bowlus has advanced safety features so you can park it for a day and venture out into the great unknown without worry. Cleaning up has never been easier with the stainless steel countertops. Unlike other trailers, the Bowlus doesn’t use paper-based products in their finishings and instead used ultra-hygienic materials to make tidying up a breeze.

The most defining factor in luxury is flexibility. It is a tremendous gift to be able to go where the wind takes you and the Bowlus lets you do just that. Smaller than an oversized motorhome but with all the incredible features needed for a great trip, the Bowlus can fit into any regular campsite without needing special allocations. That means your trip isn’t defined by where you are able to park your RV. You can hit the road knowing you can go to a site or make camp somewhere more removed. This convenience and spontaneity can lead to life-long memories.

When choosing a luxury travel trailer, there are many factors to consider. Ask yourself, what luxury means to you. If it means hitting the road without a destination, sharing meals with old and new friends, sleeping in the epitome of comfort and not having to compromise on the luxuries of home when you’re out in the world, then the Bowlus is the right choice for you.

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