Why Can Functional Medicine Be The Treatment You Need?

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The gradual shift of focus from drug-based approach to healthy lifestyle habits in treatment is a critical development in the field of medical science. Credit for this can go to the growing application of functional medicine. Under the traditional medical system, physicians and specialists take a similar approach by diagnosing illness and prescribing a matching medication. Surgeries became advanced, emergency care improved. But there has been little or no improvement in the chronic ailments and longevity issues with the Americans. However, the emergence of functional medicine can be a silver lining in this case for its ability to provide sustainable results.  

Here are some essential factors that make functional medicine a better healthcare solution.

Looks at the root cause of the problem

Unlike traditional medicine, which focuses on the symptoms, functional medicine attempts to detect the cause of the symptoms and treats it. For example, doctors prescribe insulin to diabetics to manage their blood sugar levels. However, functional medicine practitioners try to locate the reason that may have caused blood sugar, such as gut infection, high production of cortisol hormone, etc. 

Takes a personalized approach

In mainstream medicine, doctors identify the disease and recommend dose as a standard practice. But functional medicine adopts a customized technique for each because no two human beings have the same genetic and biochemical makeup or environments. Its healthcare program tends to be comprehensive for every person.

Follows a different lab testing approach

Lab tests generally refer to a specific range that determines whether your health is normal, at-risk, or suffering. Having even one number less from the lab reference range can mean you are healthy. However, the fact is that ailments don’t occur overnight or follow any reference range. Sometimes it happens that you go to a doctor because of some health complaints, but your lab reports suggest everything is normal. In that situation, the doctor doesn’t provide you any solution. While functional medicine does a thorough lab analysis to find the possibility of the disease and to recommend a suitable solution.

Focuses on patients

Mainstream medicine is busy with diagnosis and treatment work. That’s why doctors don’t find enough time to interact with their patients. They mainly concentrate on the disease than the person. Function medicine has an individual-based approach. It encourages practitioners to spend more time with patients to learn about their history, lifestyle, and everything else that can help them design a more productive solution.

Tilts towards natural treatments

Functional medicine does not abandon the use of medication. But it tries to find out the best solution for its patients that involves lesser side effects and risks and ensures optimal health. And for this, they take help of different techniques, such as massages, acupuncture, exercising, diet, and others.

The popularity of functional medicine in recent times is proof that people are benefiting from it. If you have long put up with chronic pain or ailments, such as headaches, digestive problems, gut infection, or something more severe, then consider incorporating this alternative medicine path in your life once. Several qualified centers offer functional medicine Columbus Ohio. You can visit one for a consultation.

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