Why Co-Parents Use Technology Instead of Talking

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Co-parenting isn’t always easy but you have to try to do it well for the sake of the kid(s). Many co-parents are turning to technology, especially communication apps, for smooth and effective dealings with their ex.

Benefits of Using Apps

Communicating with your ex using apps rather than face to face or by talking on the phone can make things simpler and less tense. Having things in writing also helps with record-keeping. You know exactly what was communicated, including logistical details such as collection times.

There are actually some great co-parenting apps out there which makes this really easy. Let’s take a look at the best so that you can consider integrating them into your co-parenting method.

Gmail App

While this might not specifically be a co-parenting app, it is a reliable system where you can communicate with one another with ease. Gmail is used all around the world and has qualities that make it ideal for co-parents to message each other in an easy way.

Gmail is reliable, can be used on any device and there will always be a record of what has been communicated to each other. Most people check their email every day without even thinking about it, so you can almost guarantee that all messages will be seen.

Easy Parent Communication Plan and Schedule Creator

These are actually two separate apps but both have been made by the same creator, Timtab, and are ideal for a co-parenting setup. Timtab have worked hard to create something that minimizes conflict amongst co-parents and they’ve definitely done a great job.

The Easy Parent Communication Plan includes six rules that both parties need to follow. The communication is somewhat business like and research has shown this is actually what works best amongst co-parents.

The schedule creator app is ideal for coming up with a schedule to keep track of who has the children on which days. It is super easy to use. You just need to enter information about your arrangement — your kids, both your travel times from the child’s school and so on. Timtab will then come up with a schedule that is easy to see and is customized for your individual needs. This app has been designed to assure no confusion between both parties.

Text Messaging Apps

If you would rather keep it quick and simple, you could use a text messaging app for instant communication. Something like WhatsApp or Messenger could be perfect for allowing quick communication when needed.

Messages come through quickly and you also know if your message has been read by the other party. Most people are always using their phones these days, so there is no worry about messages being overlooked.

Wrap Up

The co-parenting apps that have been mentioned are completely free to download and work really well. Chatting face to face with somebody with whom you share an up and down history can be really difficult. So, these apps really make the entire process of co-parenting much easier.

Less conflict between parents is really better for the children. Quality apps like the ones mentioned are definitely worth fitting into your life.

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