Why Do Women Love Shoes?

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Why do women love shoes so much? What is it about shoes that make them so appealing to women? They are just shoes but women  can  have hundreds, sometimes even thousands of pairs. Whole wardrobes are being designed and specifically built to house
these revered treasures between outings. An Empire bigger than the Roman has emerged where instead of infantry, cavalry and archers, it is heels, wedges and flats marching along with Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik as the new Emperors.  These shoes can now cost the same price as a painting or a masterpiece. Some can actually look like masterpieces too, like some sort of wearable sculpture with their sparkles and shapes. This love comes from somewhere, I don’t know where. Why shoes?  Where does this passion for them come from? I’d love to get inside the workings of this obsession. It can feel like the very femininity and beauty of woman becomes
supercharged when she is wearing a great pair of shoes. Instead of the old nursery rhyme, there was an old woman who lived in her shoe, it could now be changed to ‘there were lots of women who lived for their shoes’. Even though Sarah Jessica Parker is an actress
you surely can’t fake that kind of sheer look of joy, love and dizzy delight when she buys a new pair of shoes, where you can physically see her consciousness just float off to a happy place. Like she is suddenly whisked away to being in a dream-like scenario, feeling like Cinderella did when her prince placed the famous glass slipper on her foot.

Maybe love is such an exhilarating escape from the everyday realities of life that we will find it in anything, especially those things that don’t confront or depress us. Partners, friends and even pets can sometimes makes us uncomfortable, guilty or upset. Even items
of clothing can confront us with our weight or height. But not shoes. Perhaps if we understood what love is better we would understand the psychology behind our obsession?

I wonder how many times shoes enters our thought stream each day, while driving along or doing a yoga class or even while we are at work? Thoughts drifting through such as which shoe should I buy next, can I do without food for a week to afford that pair, do I
need them in both colours? A true shoeaholic (yes that is a term) could tell us all about this and what it is like. I have met a few shoeaholics in my time, and know there are many out there but I am yet to tap into and really understand what drives this love.
Maybe it is one of the mysteries of the universe that we just embrace as part of our human nature and peculiar ways to reflect on from time to time— in between shoe purchases of course. I am sure the person who had the first humble thought of putting something between our feet and the ground, an idea surely born out of the need for comfort and necessity, could never have imagined the scope of where we would take that simple concept. Of course some developments have been for the better, we are not expected to walk for miles in a simple leather strap sandal anymore, we have hiking boots and runners with gel cushioning and padding, that will probably have built in jets too before long.

But the land of women’s shoes is a whole different story, and as the delicate feminine foot gets painfully squeezed into a sky high stiletto for the evening I’m sure if our feet could talk they may well ask us nicely to please go back to basics.

Sal loves shopping (obviously!) but she does often wonder about the deeper questions in life. How we can be obsessed and find so much importance in such superficial and material things like shoes when there are so many more important things going on on the planet, for example. She has recently read the work of biologist Jeremy Griffith and the work of the World Transformation Movement which has provided some answers to her bigger questions about the world. However often these more meaningful thoughts get her confused and disillusioned… which often leads her back to shopping to make her feel better again!

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  1. michelle elizondo says

    they make us feel wonderful

  2. Angela says

    Because they are a wonderful embellishment to our outfits 🙂 Found you on Let’s get social Sunday! Newest follower 🙂 You can find me painting, decorating and baking at HickoryTrail

  3. Probably it’s just an ingrained part of our culture…I doubt that anyone is born with a strong desire to wear shoes at all.

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