Why Do You Need A Best Friend?

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Friendships are golden. The joy of having someone that you can laugh with, talk to and run to at any given time of day or night is priceless. Most of the great experiences and adventures that we have had in life were with a best friend. The differences in personalities bring a wealth of experiences to each other’s life. It is good to have a best friend who has an entirely different personality to yours so that you can enrich your life. As an introvert, having an extroverted best friend will expose you to a different experience and even help in getting rid of any awkwardness in a large gathering. You can take the best friends quiz to see how compatible you are.

Apart from sharing experiences from different worlds, there are other ways that having a best friend has proven to be beneficial. These are: 

  • They Keep You Smiling: A best friend will always find something to keep you happy regardless of what you could be going through. They know how to lift your mood at any given day or time. 
  • They Can Take Away Your Stress: A best friend can take away your stress when you feel tense, making you feel better. Your best friend is your comfort zone, so whenever they are around, you are more relaxed and happier, which decreases your stress levels.
  • Constructive Criticism: Your best friend wants the best for you. This means that they will be totally honest with you when you need feedback on something. If it is a venture that you are embarking on, they will be able to offer you great advise by assessing your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Being Yourself: Most of us feel at ease around our friends. We can express ourselves freely as they know all the good and bad things about us. You never need to pretend around them. 
  • They help you to grow: They boost your growth, and they can even get you out of a rut. 
  • Sense of direction: You are always learning new things when you have an adventurous best friend. They can even challenge you to start something different. 

Your best friend can literally change your life. You get to have a confidant who is honest, trustworthy, loyal, thoughtful, reliable, dependable as well as respectful. If you want to keep such traits around you all the time, you will still need to work on that relationship like any other. Taking this best friends quiz can pinpoint the areas that you need to work on. 

In this quiz, you get to answer several questions about your friendship, such as whether you know their secrets, or how often you talk among many others. Apart from taking the quiz, there are also a few things that you can do to strengthen your friendship. Such include:

  • Effective Communication: Make sure that there are no important things that are left unsaid. Ensure that your friend understands the role that they play in your life as well as understand your role in their life. In the cases where they are unaware that they are your best friends, ensure that you inform them of this. 
  • Appreciating Your Friend: This can be through verbal affirmation or nice gestures such as buying them gifts or doing them favors. Spend quality time together despite the busy schedule by planning fun activities. 
  • Sharing Secrets As Well As Keeping In Touch: Keep in touch regularly by calling or texting whenever possible. If one of you is going through a tough time, encourage and support each other. Sharing each other’s secrets also cements the friendship and leads to mutual understanding. 

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