Why Do You Need Concrete Floor Coating For Your Home?

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Slowly but surely Concrete Floor Coating has made its way into the household and everyone is realizing the advantages that come with it. The coating really helps in protecting the floor from deterioration, contamination and other kinds of damage. It is better to spend a little extra after a flood is built than to spend thousands more every few years.

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Advantages of floor coatings:

Increases longevity of the floors:

Coatings will make your floor last longer. Concrete floors are sensitive to water and UV rays which means they won’t last much longer without coating. You can get concrete done by http://www.concretecontractorsaltlakecity.com/.

Vehicle damage:

Most garages are made of concrete and tires can do damage to the floor. Coating the floor will protect it and make last longer.

Give your floor a finished look:

If you leave your flood just like that it looks unfinished and ugly. The coating will make it aesthetically pleasing and give a finished touch.

Kinds of floor coatings:

There are many kinds of floor coatings, however, the basic clear floor coating is something we don’t recommend for houses if you want to make your home aesthetically pleasing. As it is just a clear coat on pure concrete. However, if you don’t want the floor to look pretty you can go with epoxy floor coatings, it will just look more finished than a pure concrete floor.


Stains are a popular and a really good way to coat your floor. However, we recommend water-based stains as they give better results and very fewer chemicals are used plus, their outcome is really opaque and very pretty. However, whether you go for acid-based stains or water-based stains they both really last a long period of time and do not require a lot of maintenance. Moreover, they are not that sensitive to UV rays, which means even if your garage is exposed to the sun every now and then it will not affect it as much.

Transparent sealers:

Transparent sealers, that are slightly tinted are also an option if you don’t want anything too fancy, it has some color to it. Which can leave a pretty, clean finish that will still look pretty and it will look like you did some thinking before choosing it?

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