Why Do You Need Remote Guarding?

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The security operating the remote monitoring system.

Most people that own security systems are always in search for ways to upgrade it. Hiring a security guard to look after your home or business is a great advantage. But there are limitations to what a guard can do. Security guards are incapable of monitoring the full perimeter of a large home or business property. You can hire more guards but that will still not guarantee security on each end every square of your property. For this reason, you need to invest in remote guarding.

Remote Guarding: What is It?

Having surveillance cameras installed in your property helps you control what’s happening on the property. But who will manage the surveillance? How can one person possibly deal with the task of streaming dozens of monitors without using a special security software? The answer lies in installing remote video monitoring in a security system.

The mark of a reliable remote monitoring system is a professional team of Remote Guards that monitor every single thing that’s happening on your property in real time. With remote guarding, surveillance is done from high-tech video monitoring centers that are equipped with all the skills necessary for effective management of security. The remote guards communicate with the on-site guard or security manager in real-time. This allows any security system to perfectly perform its functions and immediately respond to any threats.

Below are some of the reasons why homes and businesses should upgrade their security system by installing a remote guarding or monitoring system.

Why Upgrade Your Monitoring System?

1. Advanced level of security opportunities

With a remote video monitoring system, you’re guaranteed of a complete, real-time view of everything that’s happening within your property. Nothing will be left undetected. Remote guards will be the first ones to detect a break-in or breach in security. They will then take the necessary actions to immediately stop the crime. The video monitoring center uses a two-way speaker to notify the offender, and remote guards automatically block exits from the gate or parking area the minute it detects a threat If there is an on-site security guard guarding your home or business property, he will immediately receive a report that includes a photo or video proof of the crime as well as the perpetrator’s appearance.

The combination of the on-site guard and the remote guards on your property gives you complete protection against robberies, theft, trespassing, or any disturbance.

2. Customize your video monitoring system based on your property’s needs

Each property has its own unique characteristics that must be taken into consideration when planning the security layout for a facility. Before you install a video monitoring system, experts must analyze your property’s location and features. They also decide on what kind of surveillance systems are appropriate to use, what kind of cameras to get, the number of guards that must be on site, and more.

This analysis allows you to customize the video monitoring system so you can get the maximum amount of control over a specific location, considering all the risk factors. For example, you can create custom communication channels between remote guarding personnel and the facility manager to ensure immediate response to any threat.

Installing a video monitoring system is the most important part of a security system, and it will connect each aspect of your security system together to effectively prevent any threats.

3. Advanced security technology in a certified video monitoring center

It’s simply not possible for you to get the most out of your security cameras without an established software control panel that streams real-time videos in place. Some of the best video monitoring centers are equipped with state-of-the-art security technology using artificial intelligence (AI), which allows you immediately detect the occurrence of danger. In some cases, the video monitoring system is based on the idea of creating trigger zones. In the event of an intrusion or suspicious activity in a restricted area, an alarm is immediately sent to the guard. Even if the activity happens in the dark, the trigger system can detect it and even reveal its exact location on your property. The signal is then sent over to the remote guards, who will immediately take action to resolve the incident.

Several remote guarding staff are often assigned to the site, giving the assurance of an immediate response to any suspicious activity or security breach.

4. Worthy investment

Installing a remote guarding and remote video monitoring system is a worthy investment decision. It doesn’t only protect your home and business from external threats such as burglary, vandalism, or misappropriation of your property. But it also protects you against internal threats, leaving no chance for employee theft or domestic abuse.

Another advantage is that it allows you to make the most of your security budget. A video monitoring system proves is efficiency and reliability, making you evaluate and reconsider the budget spent on keeping on-site security guards, and decide whether you should limit to only a few guards and the remote guards.

5. Nothing escapes detection

Your video monitoring system captures everything happening in your property in photo/video format. This means that nothing escapes detection, and you get all the evidence you need to keep your property secured. Furthermore, all communication takes place in real time, wherein the remote guards provide instant information about the situation happening on your property.

With remote monitoring, you eliminate the possibility of a delayed response or concealment. Video recordings from cameras are saved and stored for a long time as proof of the criminal activity that happened on your property and how you were able to successfully resolve it. Having complete control over everything gives you an assurance of absolute protection of your property.


Remote protection should be a compulsory security solution for every home or business property. This is because it is meant to be a unifying link in the security system, providing you with the highest amount of protection.

Video monitoring systems are not considered a luxury—they are a necessity. So, make sure your property is reliably protection so you can get peace of mind at all times.

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