Why Everyone Should Get Regular Health Checkup

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Time and again, doctors have insisted that people get medical health checkups either quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. But the majority of people do not heed this advice probably because they are too busy. Are afraid of what the diagnosis may be. Or think that they are too young and healthy to get sick. They wait until they fall ill to see a doctor only for some of them to find out that it is too late.

According to research, regular checkup has saved the lives of many- both old and young. That is why you should take charge of your health and book an appointment with bulk bill home doctor Brisbane. Here are the reasons why everyone including you should get a regular health checkup.

  1. To Detect Disease in the Early Stages

Regular health checkups are important to keep track of your health. During these checkups, you will get screened for diseases. Why is this important?

Some diseases such as cancer can be cured when detected in the early stages. However, when discovered late, the chances of surviving cancer are very low. To be precise, the survival rate of stage 1 cancer is 100% and that of stage 2 is 93%. The numbers decline as the disease progresses to stage 4.

As you can see, your life is much safer when the disease is detected in its early stages. This is because you will have a chance to fight the disease before it causes some irreversible damage. But if the disease is not detected early, it will progress without your knowledge. By the time you realize that you have been ill for some time, it might be too late.

Apart from the treatment, the doctor will also advise you on the dos and the don’ts if the disease is detected early. This is in reference to your lifestyle choices i.e. what you eat and drink, if you are a smoker, how active you are, and so on. This will help you avoid anything that you know could accelerate the disease. But if you are not aware that you are ill, you will continue to do the things you do and make it worse without your knowledge.

  1. To Minimize Health Care Costs

Well, it’s true that you are required to pay for medical checkups and the costs can be high. But the cost of not going for a checkup is even higher and you will see this in the long-run.

Let’s compare the two scenarios. One, you have been doing regular checkups, you have been diagnosed and treated successfully. And two, the disease has been detected late and you have to go for treatment once or twice a month. How much do you think it will cost you to treat the disease late in the stages? And how much will you save if you get treated early? Always think about this every time you feel like you do not need a doctor.

  1. It is for Your Own Good

Forget the money and think about the pain and suffering that comes with diseases. And that is not enough, sickness costs life. Do you really want to risk any of that?

Getting regular checkups is a way to ensure that you are in charge of your life. You are aware of what is going on with your health and this will give you peace of mind. This is also the best way to prevent yourself from potential diseases. Remember that prevention is always better than cure.

  1. To Build a Clear Medical History

Getting regular checkups will help build your health history. Your doctor will use this history as a reference in case of any problems that may arise. And if you ever end up in the emergency room, you will get a more accurate overview. Think of it as a way to help the doctor make a more informed decision about your health.

  1. Blood Tests

Blood tests are part of a regular health screening. These tests are done to prevent any blood-related diseases. Examples of such diseases include HIV/AIDS, anemia, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood lipid, and others. Additionally, blood tests are a way to assess the functioning of various body organs like kidneys, heart, liver, thyroid, and lungs. Well, you can order any blood test online now whether it is a lipid blood test, cholesterol test, or thyroid test.

  1. To Identify Stress-related Diseases

We are living in a time when people are experiencing high-stress levels and messed up lifestyles. These can trigger different diseases both physical and psychological. Some of these diseases include depression, Alzheimer’s, weight gain, high blood pressure, mental disorders, hypertension, and asthma. Regular medical checkups ensure that these diseases are detected before they become too severe.


Nothing in this world is as important as your health. You must be in good health to work and perform your duties. It is your responsibility to take care of your health and ensure that disease does not bring you down.

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