Why Melbourne Wholesale Meat Suppliers Are The Best For Quality Meat

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Good meat always comes from butchers who know how to meticulously source and select their meat. This is just one of the reason why Melbourne suppliers are the best for quality meat. They have managed to maintain a steady demand for their meat in a fairly competitive industry due to their best quality meat that has ensured customer retention and attraction over the years. The following reasons outline why Melbourne suppliers are renowned for quality meat.

  • They Offer A Wide Selection Of Produce

 These suppliers stock a wide range of meat products which suits the extensively differing taste and preferences of clients. Theses produces include beef such as AACO Wagyu, Certified Australian Angus Beef, Pure Angus beef just fed on grass, and Great southern MSA. They also produce a variety of Gourmet burgers and sausages such as the Certified Australian Angus beef burger. Also stocked in plenty is chicken, duck, turkey, pork, veal, frozen seafood, and game product meat to quench your thirst for meat.

  • Packaging Method

The packaging is important is ensuring the cleanliness and quality of food. Meat handling requires much use of the hands thus its storage method helps in preventing perishability and exposure to harmful pathogens that could easily cause food poisoning. Most Australian meat suppliers have embraced the use of Cryovac technology which is a superior packaging method that allows highly perishable goods to be kept fresher for a longer period. 

Normal freezing of meat affects its taste and tenderness. But with Cryovac packaging which uses vacuum sealers oxygen is removed from the food thus increasing the longevity of the meat. Besides, the growth of bacteria and mold is significantly reduced when oxygen is eliminated. The Vacuum sealers come in the form of   Cryovac bags which help in increasing the shelf life of the meat by 3 to 5 times its normal refrigerated life

  •  Integrity And Traceability

Much focus by the Melbourne wholesale meat suppliers has been on offering quality meat that can be traced right from how it was farmed. Most of these suppliers stick by the Australian approved farming scheme which offers a range of higher welfare alternatives from conventional farming.

Also guarantees consumers to more humanely farmed products which are easily accessible. The Royal Society Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which is also within the Melbourne region is the only animal welfare assurance program whereby farms are actually visited and assessed at least twice per year in Melbourne.

  • Understanding And Vision

The other key factor is that Melbourne suppliers such as https://melbournemeatmerchant.com.au/ are understanding of the needs of their clients and are committed to the vision of continuing to being one of the best Suppliers of meat across Europe and beyond. In recent years, for instance, customers in the rise against animal mistreatment have boycotted products from suppliers who have continued to infringe the rights of animals. 

The Melbourne meat suppliers have been on the forefront in ensuring the welfare of animals i.e. pushing for the free-range keeping of these animals rather than caged and condemning the use of enhancing drugs to boost their growth and maturity rate

  • Safety and Cleanliness standards

Right from the abattoirs where the animals are slaughtered to the massive kitchens where the meat is cut into smaller pieces and packaged for storage, cleanliness is key amongst the Melbourne meat suppliers. The workers wear safety gears for their own protection i.e. face masks and boots which is in line with good working conditions act for workers in Australia. They also uphold the highest standards of cleanliness to avoid contamination of the meat and damage that could easily affect its consumption standards by humans.

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