Why press release distribution services are dying

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The process of distributing a press release through a press release distribution service seems a little too undemanding and easy for new business owners because it is effortless and straightforward. But business owners should not be fooled into thinking that this easy to distribute process also produces quality results. Business owners get reeled into the press release distribution services by their low price tags thinking that a little bit of investment will get their business and product publication in major news outlets and then in front of thousands of potential customers. But this is far from the truth because, in the long haul, it causes time and money loss.

Even the best press release distribution services have been found guilty of not ranking the content which business owners are promoting. Due to this, press releases fail to ever come up in search engine results. Another downfall of a press release distribution service is that, in most cases, the companies which run the distribution services are irrelevant. They lack to provide any useful links to a press release, and the links that they do provide end up hurting the business’s search engine results. In turn, business owners have to swiftly disavow the links so that the risk of losing search engine visibility can be averted. According to many popular sites, press releases have become unproductive. 

Better alternatives

In the modern digital world, there can be alternatives to even the best products and services; the same is the case with press release distribution services. Business owners can get in front of their desired audience without ever using a press release distribution service. This can be made possible by business owners if they start searching for sites relevant to their products and have a good standing. There are several tools present online through which business owners can easily find sites beneficial to their businesses. 

After picking out at least 25-30 sites, a business owner should look for methods through which they can communicate with the site owners. Before sending the site owner a pitch, proper time should be invested in finding out how the targeted site works, what they post, and what information they might need to accept the business owner’s proposal. 

The business owner’s priority should be to make an excellent first impression on the site owner, and for that purpose, a good note-worthy press release should be picked out. Proper time and thought should be put in crafting the press release for the site. A pre summary should be written for the ease of the site’s owner; this would also help the business owner form a good and respectable image in front of the site owner. After that, the business owner should follow up on the press release by presenting the site owner with the different angles with which the site can produce the pitch and also discuss the message that can be used as a follow up to the current release.

The same process can be followed to persuade a renowned journalist. Business owners can look for journalists relevant to their businesses and then lock them up by pitching good material to them. Journalists are always looking for stories that can make a buzz in the news media, and if a business owner’s story is worthy of attention and can attract readers, nothing can stop it from getting published. The crafting skills are essential for winning over journalists. If a business owner can find a way to master this art, then publication from renowned journalists is destined to follow their business.  


Over the past years, it has been noted that press release distribution services have played a damaging role for the businesses associated with them. This is because the links provided by distribution services are viewed as spam by many famous search engines, which in turn drop the credibility of the business owner’s site. With its vast number of sites, the modern digital world provides much better chances of success is also risk-free. This, paired with the lack of results provided by the distribution services, has put a stop on the world of press release distribution services.

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