Why Should You Continue Telehealth In A Pandemic

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The whole world is slowly beginning to open up after an entire year of restrictions and lockdowns. Most of the restrictions in the country are also being removed and institutions are slowly opening up. In such a situation, it is tempting to return to in-person psychotherapy sessions. In fact, after having been stuck at home for almost a year and speaking to a computer or phone screen, it is only natural that you will want to meet your therapist in person. As tempting as it is to get back to in-person treatments, it may not be a very good idea as yet. In fact, clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Todd Essig feels that telepsychiatry may be more beneficial in the current situation than in-person meetings and therapy sessions. Let us look at why you should still opt for telehealth and telepsychiatry sessions for some more time during this pandemic.

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In-Person Therapy Is No Longer Like What It Used To Be

While a lot of you may be excited to return to in-person therapy, you must remember that a lot has changed over one year. In-person therapy is not the same as it used to be before. Thanks to the pandemic, in-person therapy has also gone through a lot of changes. As a result, it may not be as satisfying as earlier to meet your therapist in-person and seek treatment. In-person therapy usually works for people because you get a sense of security and trust when you are speaking to your therapist. But now, in the new normal, pandemic protocols require you to keep social distancing, wear masks or face shields, and frequently sanitize when you meet your therapist. Add to that monitoring of symptoms and contact tracing, and the whole sense of security and safety is gone. You will be constantly worrying about getting infected. This is the same with your therapist as well since he/she may be interacting with many people. This will take away the ease with which the therapist may conduct the session. This distraction can make it difficult for the therapist to address some of the serious issues. Another issue with in-person therapy is contact tracing. In many places, contact tracing is a necessary viral protocol that must be followed. This can put the patient’s confidentiality at risk, further reducing the sense of security. This constant stress of staying safe, maintaining pandemic protocols, and other worries will reduce the therapy’s actual benefits.

There Is A High Risk Of Infection With In-Person Therapy

Not only does in-person therapy reduce the sense of security, but it also increases the risk of infection between patients and therapists. This is because there could be many people visiting your therapist’s office. Your therapist may interact with many people. These are the kind of surroundings that we have been asked to avoid during the pandemic. Most therapists’ offices are closed places, and staying there for long periods of time can increase your chances of getting infected. In such cases, no matter what precautions you take, you cannot prevent yourself from getting infected, though these precautions may reduce your risk.

You Get To Seek Treatment In The Comfort Of Your Home

While a lot of people may prefer in-person therapy, you cannot deny the fact that there will be times when you will not feel like leaving your home and going to the therapists’ clinic. At such times, you may like to have the option of sitting at home and getting the therapy you need. Telehealth gives you this option. You can connect with your therapist without stepping out and speak to them easily and comfortably.

Considering all the above advantages, it looks like telehealth is here to stay for at least some more time. Though it may not have some of the benefits of in-person therapy, it can still give you a strong sense of security and safety during these testing times. Even in the future, as the world completely opens up and we come out of the pandemic successfully, telehealth may continue to be an option for anyone who wants it. But this is something that only time will tell. As of now, it seems like the better option in comparison to in-person therapy.

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