Why Some People Choose Circumcision For Their Baby

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Circumcision is the process of surgically removing the skin, called foreskin, surrounding the tip of the penis or glans. All baby boys are born with a foreskin, and when their parents have them circumcised within ten days from birth, the head of their penis becomes exposed. It’s an optional procedure, but some parents choose to do it for one or more of the reasons below:

Preventive Health Care

Parents want their children to be always healthy. Any good parent wouldn’t want to put their baby in harm’s way. Circumcision has its pros and cons but, the benefits outweigh the risks. Even the disadvantages are too rare that it doesn’t put the baby at a high risk of getting illnesses.

Some of the health benefits that circumcision gives to baby boys are:

  • Decrease the risk of getting urinary tract infections. Preventing early UTI can also decrease the risk of getting kidney problems later in life.
  • Decrease the risk of getting sexually transmitted infections such as HIV. But, remember, it doesn’t mean they won’t get STIs as safe sex should still be practiced.
  • Decrease the risk of developing penile cancer. Having the disease is already a rare occurrence, but the chances are still there. However, males who have undergone circumcision are at a lower risk than those who didn’t.

If you choose circumcision for your baby to protect him from serious diseases, Circumcision Manchester offers traditional methods of the procedure. The doctors will only use an anesthetic, remove the foreskin, and then bandage it. There’s no need for plastibell or stitches.

Family Tradition

Some families have traditions like get-togethers on holidays or yearly camping trips, while some have circumcision as part of their tradition. Religion or their beliefs usually affect the decision. If the older generations of males in the family have undergone the procedure, it’s possible that they may have advised their children to circumcise their baby boys as well.

Some people may anticipate having boys in the family. Mothers find out their due dates so they can plan important the important events that they want to do for their baby during and after pregnancy.

Medical Need

On extremely rare cases, circumcision may be necessary. When the baby has phimosis, or when the foreskin cannot be retracted, it could be required to circumcise him. The foreskin may look like a rubber band or a tight ring around the head of the penis.

Depending on the case, phimosis can cause several problems such as bleeding, painful urination, or infections. If the baby has this condition, then it may be necessary to circumcise him to stop the symptoms from happening.


Washing the genitals should be part of the regular hygiene practices of everyone. For boys, washing the penis can be easier when the foreskin is not there. It may not be such a huge factor that makes washing difficult, but it does make cleaning quicker.

Those who do not undergo circumcision can take extra care for proper washing. Parents just have to make sure to wash under the foreskin so bacteria and smegma can’t overgrow. It’s vital to prevent those because it can cause the penis to smell or have infections.

Cultural Ritual

Some cultures include circumcision as part of their customs and traditions. Muslim and Jewish males undergo circumcision because their beliefs say so. Male Jewish babies get circumcised eight days after they are born as part of their culture.

Muslims, however, can get circumcised anytime between birth and puberty. If it happens during adolescence, it usually means that the male child is transitioning into adulthood. It marks that the child is worthy to finally become an adult.

Social Reasons

Sometimes, parents circumcise their baby for social reasons. The decision is affected by the societal norms, usually because of the aesthetics that society deems normal. People want to fit in with their peers and community, so following whatever everybody is doing makes them feel like they’re a part of it.

Another reason could be because parents don’t want other kids to make fun of their children. If their baby boy grows up in a community where most male children are circumcised, then they might think those boys will make their child a laughingstock.

Final Thoughts

Circumcision is a procedure that parents can choose for their baby or not. Some might say that it should be the child’s decision when they grow up, but if the procedure is necessary and that the parents are sure it’s the best option for their baby, then that’s their decision to make.

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