Why Taking Microsoft 70-764 Exam with Reliable Exam Dumps is Essential to Start Your Database Administrator Career

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Let’s face it; technology never ceases to evolve. Many businesses adopt new technologies such as Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics, SharePoint and Azure. Today, a small and developing business can secure a global presence through digital marketing which is technology-driven. Microsoft is one of the stakeholders which ensures that technology is perfectly utilized to provide solutions to real-world problems. It is also the leading vendor for industry-standard certifications as well as exams. The credentials offered by Microsoft are aimed at candidates at the fundamental, professional, and expert levels. 

In this article, you’ll know about one of the most in-demand certifications nowadays, that most candidates strive to get on the way of becoming successful database administrators or infrastructure specialists. It’s the MCSA in SQL Database Administration badge. In addition, you’ll find out which role plays the Microsoft 70-764 exam in professional’s understanding in technology sphere.

About MCSA SQL 2016 Database Administration Badge and its 70-764 Exam

The MCSA badge in SQL 2016 Database Administration qualifies you mainly for a position of a database administrator. To earn this credential, you must pass 2 exams which are 70-764 and 70-765 by codes. 

Exam 70-764 is aimed at equipping professionals with skills to perform maintenance, installation and configuration tasks. It is designed to assess the candidate’s understanding of the following key exam topics:

  • Completing tasks with auditing and data access;
  • Restoring databases and working with backup;
  • Managing SQL Server instances;
  • Working with disaster recovery as well as high availability.

As for exam details, the Microsoft Microsoft Certification Practice Test test contains 40-60 questions of various types that are to be done within 2 hours. The exam will cost $165 for every candidate intending to take it.

The related Microsoft 70-765 exam covers the ultimate skills when it comes to provisioning of SQL Databases. 

Best Tool to Nail 70-764 Exam

The ultimate tool to nail 70-764 exam is the use of valid and updated practice tests, provided by reliable resources, like ExamSnap website. Such files give you perfect preparation because of the following key factors:

  • The questions are verified and accurate;
  • They follow the official exam objectives in its setting;
  • They are uploaded by the real exam takers;
  • They help you gauge tour readiness for the exam.

At ExamSnap you can find both free practice tests uploaded by the recent test takers, or a premium bundle, known as a 3-in-one package for your 70-764 exam. Being compiled by IT experts, it’s the premium level material that boosts your confidence and equips you with the most relevant skills to pass your test. Thus, for $34,99, you’ll get a verified premium file (with questions and answers), a study guide, and a training course. All these options contribute greatly to your exam success.

Why 70-764 is essential for starting your database administrator career?

The database administration career is always in-demand. Having the skills to administer data is always a plus for ones’ career. Microsoft 70-764 is one of the certification exams which gives you exactly all you need to start your career as a database administrator. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider taking this exam:

  1. Introduces you to the world of database administration

Exam 70-764 is part one of getting certified. Therefore, it gives you a clear overview of what is involved in the world of database administration. It makes you feel connected with the key aspects in database administration such as querying and debugging of an SQL database. As a result, you will be able to learn the structure of the SQL programming language in your preparation to be a proficient database administrator.

  1. Equips you with the hands-on skills

One of the most important things in the world of database administration in the ability to perform various tasks. You have to be equipped with practical skills because every task requires you to give solutions based on your practical understanding of the SQL database. As a result, you will be more marketable in the industry because you have what it takes to manage, configure and deploy an SQL database successfully.

  1. Increase your recognition

Having passed the Microsoft 70-764 exam, you will be easily recognized because you have taken a step to learn new skills. The world of technology is very dynamic and rapidly growing, only the candidates who take time to upgrade their knowledge and skills are always considered over others. In addition, 70-764 exam opens a way to certification which is also an important tool of getting recognized in the IT sector.

  1. Prove your competency

Many professionals have database administration skills. However, their ability to provide solutions to complex problems is minimal. Exam 70-764 equips you with advanced knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems. This is because the questions and the entire certification process is based on the actual challenges in the database administration world. Upon passing 70-764 exam and the related test, you will gain a Microsoft certification badge which will always prove that you have the advanced skills to successfully administrate a SQL database.

  1. Enables you to win jobs

Unemployment is almost becoming a disaster for some people in the world because employers have become so selective. The candidates who have an advanced understanding of concepts are always considered to be the best for several job opportunities. Since Microsoft is a globally known vendor, you will always win jobs related to database administration because you have solid proof from a leading and trusted vendor. Note, that getting a position of a database administrator or an infrastructure specialist, you will earn annually about $74,000. So, if this number appeals to you, there’s definitely sense to take 70-764 exam.

In a nutshell

Currently, there is a need for Microsoft certified database administrators who have profound knowledge and skills. The right way to acquire such skills is going through industry-standard certification exam which addresses the key issues faced in the real-world. Make a decision today and start your registration for Microsoft 70-764 exam as soon as possible because many roles await you. Check the most dependable practice tests from ExamSnap and be sure you’ll nail this test easily.

All the best as you look forward to becoming a real professional in the database administration arena.

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