Why Use A Furniture Moving Trolley?

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Furniture pieces are generally bulky, requiring two or more people to move them from one place to another. What if the item you’re moving is a very ornate, antique armoire? It’s not only going to be bulky and heavy but also delicate and priceless. You wouldn’t want to bump or cause it the slightest dent. So what do you do? That’s when you’re going to need a furniture moving trolley.

If it’s just a one-off event, you may dial your local movers and ask for their service or rent their equipment. However, if you think you’re going to have repeats of similar activities in the future, buying the appropriate dolly should be on top of your list.

What are the benefits of using a furniture moving trolley?

Aside from the obvious benefit that a furniture dolly transforms a backbreaking job into an easy task, here are other reasons to use one:

  1. It will keep your load balanced – the basic design for a furniture dolly is what you mostly see in warehouses and professional moving companies. It is a low, rectangular platform on four (or more even numbers) swivel wheels. The low base makes loading and unloading easy and safe for your cargo. The even-numbered wheels and rectangular platform ensure balance and easy manoeuvrability.
  2. It will prevent injuries – people who move stuff regularly—like from the house to the car, from the car to the office, and back—badly need a dolly to prevent overstraining. There’s no point sacrificing your wellbeing. It will start from seemingly innocent backaches but may develop into more serious health issues. It’s a good idea to always keep a foldable hand cart dolly inside the trunk of your car.
  3. It will ensure safe transport – you’d want the furniture to reach its destination in one piece, right? Using a furniture moving trolley to accomplish this is a no-brainer. It would be so much safer to roll a massive grand piano from point A to point B than asking three or four people to lift and transfer it. It’s safe for the piano because there’s no danger of dropping it. It’s also safe for the user because the likelihood of accidents will be significantly reduced.
  4. Furniture moving trolleys are versatile – you can use them for transporting other types of cargo, like sack loads, boxes, stacks of books, and other goods and commodities. So if you have a hand cart dolly that’s designed for moving chairs, tables, and racks, that will work just fine for other loads within its capacity. You save your back—you also get to save the cash intended for another hand cart. If that isn’t a clever idea, then we don’t know what is!
  5. It’s easy to use – most moving trolleys come preassembled. Though most furniture dollies have no handles, you can look for other types with telescoping or collapsible handles. You will need this feature especially if you use the dolly for transporting loads other than furniture. When you’re transporting furniture, you normally direct the movement by gently pushing on the furniture (which you have secured with a cord to the dolly). When you’re transporting, say a bag of grocery goods, you will need to push or pull on the handle.

How do you choose a furniture moving dolly?

To find the best handcart, start with yourself. Ask the following questions:

  • What type of furniture do I usually transport?
  • How big and heavy is my typical load?
  • What is my budget?
  • Other than furniture, what other kinds of stuff do I transport?

Your answers to these questions will significantly narrow down your choices to fewer products. It will then be easier for you to pick the best furniture moving trolley for you.

What types of furniture dollies are there?

The low, rectangular platform that we’ve been mentioning is the typical design of furniture moving trolleys. They’re low and practically hugging the floor to ensure stability and keep accidents at bay. Since most furniture pieces are tall, keeping the trolley low also keeps the center of gravity low. Thus, toppling over is less likely to occur. There are many types of furniture trolleys, however, and knowing them will help you find the best one that will work for you. Here they are:

  1. Platform type – you won’t miss this type because it’s the most common type—flat, rectangular, low, has four or more wheels, and may or may not have a handle.
  2. Manual-lift type – this works as a pair of upright handcarts, each equipped with a spindle winch for manually lifting furniture from the floor to a certain height. It usually comes with a strap that fastens the cargo and transforms the two units into one cart. One person can then steer it.
  3. Hydraulic-lift type – this dolly is similar to the second type, except that it lifts using a hydraulic mechanism. It’s not surprising for hand cart trolleys of this type to have a maximum capacity of around 4,000 pounds. They’re mostly used by professional movers.
  4. Upright trolley – this type makes transporting stackable tables and chairs a breeze. This device is a mainstay in halls, theatres, and other places where people gather and sit. A trolley makes it easy to clean, rearrange, stack, and store chairs especially if these are tasks that they do and repeat every single day or so. Some trolleys have protective side rails—which is great for transporting foldable tables, frames, or anything flat.
  5. Skate or slider type – if the items you regularly move have legs, the best type to use are skate or slider sets. A set has at least four pieces, and each piece has 3-4 caster wheels. This is your best choice if your furniture pieces vary widely in size and shape. Imagine an extremely long bench hitching a ride on a platform-type of dolly! That’s simply not doable.

Summing up

Using the best moving device depends on what you need it for and what items you will be moving often. Obviously, you’d want a helper that you get to use frequently. That will only happen if the dolly you buy is compatible with the things you typically haul.

Relocating or simply repositioning furniture at home is a demanding job. With the right tool, however, it’s highly likely that you will get to enjoy the chore, too. So go, buy yourself the best furniture moving trolley—you’d be amazed that it’s not that expensive or difficult to find!

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