Why Would You Prefer Crepes to Pancakes For Your Weekend Brunches?

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Regardless you were on vacations or relaxing on a Sunday morning, you would not feel like getting out of the bed early. This would be the first difficult thing to do. The next difficult thing to do rather decide on would be to choose from pancakes and crepes for your brunch. You should rest assured that it would be the hardest aspect of your Sunday mornings. 

Nothing compares to the Sunday morning brunch. The warm smell of coffee and the wide variety of food options that you may come across would be a treat to have. There would be endless possibilities when you think about the best meals for the weekend. 

Before you get confused, let us delve on some of the major reasons that advocate crepes being the best options for weekend brunches or snacks. You would also have the option of enjoying heavy pancakes or would you prefer crepes to it. Let us make your choice easier.

Reasons for choosing crepes for brunch 

In case, you were having hunger pangs at brunch and you look forward to ordering pancakes, you should rest assured that crepes would be a better choice. It would be pertinent to mention here that these French versions of pancakes have been relatively thin and delicate as compared to pancakes. It would make them lighter on your stomach than pancakes. 

  • Relatively smooth and thin batter 

The pancakes batter has been relatively thicker. It would create a feeling of fullness in the stomach. Therefore, it would be essential that the batter for crepes should be smooth and thin. Mostly, it would be in your best interest to let the crepe batter settle in for roughly one to three hours for ensuring that it would be adequately smooth for creating the right texture. 

  • Easy cooking technique for a smooth texture 

Similar to pancakes, crepes would be cooked on a hot pan. However, there has been a significant difference between the two concerning their cooking technique. While the crepes would be poured in the middle of the pan and then flipped, you should consider spreading the crepe batter to make it relatively thin and covering the entire base of the pan. You would be required to tilt the pan to spread the batter all around the pan. It would help you create the ever-popular smooth paper-thin texture of crepes. 

  • A wide variety of flavors 

Crepes could also come in a variety of flavors. However, the flavors should not be added to the batter directly. Simply because crepes have been made wider and thinner as compared to pancakes, they could be easily folded and filled after they have been properly cooked. You would be spoilt for choices when it comes to fillings for crepes. The list of ingredients would be endless ranging from savory to sweet. You could add anything to your crepes based on your taste buds needs. 

These are a few reasons that make the best crepes in London a better choice for your weekend brunches and snacks. 

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