Why You Should Avoid Buying New Baby Clothes

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With the arrival of a new little angel in your life comes a flurry of purchases and needs.

While it is necessary to overstock on diapers, do not make the mistake of becoming knee-deep in baby clothes. Perusing the baby section at your favorite department store might uncover endless adorable onesies, dresses, and t-shirts emblazoned with, “I love my mommy,” but store-bought clothes are not the only option out there.

Before you charge up that credit card, consider some of these perspectives to buying new baby clothes and perhaps consider taking a more sentimental, creative approach to clothing your little darling.

Take My Money

The teensiest baby clothes are likely to make any parent melt at the thought of just how cute their child will be in it. If you fall into the trap of grabbing everything that pulls at your heartstrings, though, you’ll quickly see how much it actually tugs at your wallet. Baby clothes add up quickly, causing that relatively cheap trip to Target to suddenly rack up sky-high.

One, Two, Outgrew

Babies grow so fast. This is bittersweet when your little nugget is suddenly your little pumpkin. Fairly quickly that quirky onesie will be a thing of the past. That is, if it isn’t ruined by whatever bodily fluids your baby graciously deposits on it. You’ll feel like your baby is going through clothes faster than diapers (they aren’t, but it feels that way). So, that foot-long receipt for baby clothes is now an inventory of soon to be hand me downs or throw-aways collecting dust in the corner of the nursery.

Shower Me with Gifts

Family and friends will be lining up to figure out just what to get you. The questions will start pouring in as everyone wants to find the perfect gift for parents and baby. For better or worse, the facts are that most of your gifts will be clothes. So, use baby showers and long-lost aunts to your advantage.

The trick is to ask for more than just newborn sizes. If you’re baby comes out a little on the heavier side, they might not even fit into newborn clothes! Ask for varying months, ensuring you won’t need to make the purchase yourself. If you have friends or families who have children of their own, ask for hand-me-downs. If they made the mistake of overstocking on new baby clothes, it can be your gain!

Get Sentimental

So, rather than purchasing a bunch of new baby clothes that he or she may only fit in one time, here are some other options to consider to clothe your soon-arriving nugget.

Are you a crafty and creative parent? Or do you have a close friend or family member who is a sewing genius? If so, crank up the sentimental factor and make the clothes yourself! You’ll be able to make your baby a one of a kind look. The handmade route is more special, knowing that the clothes are the result of your love and hard work (or maybe grandma’s).

You won’t be limited to the selection of a retail store and can be more creative, tailoring the looks to your baby’s (aka – your) interests. If product source is important, you’ll also be able to use organic materials with the peace of mind that comes with it.

Sewing and embroidery are not a thing of the past, in fact, homemade baby clothes has been rising in popularity. You have more freedom in fabric choice, allowing for durable outfits, unique vintage looks, or a new family heirloom to pass down. There are also a lot of options for embroidery and sewing machines that are friendly to the wallet and support sites, like embroiderymachine.reviews, to help you get started with some creative ideas.

Whether this is baby one or baby three, the options for dressing your little one has grown exponentially in the past few years. Don’t feel limited to the options of a retail department store. Utilize all outlets and resources as you stockpile on the necessary items for baby. Get creative as you build a closet for your child! You’ll be capturing their growth in so many pictures, you want to make sure they look as adorable as possible, right?

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