Why Your Kids Need to Drink Plenty of Water

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As a parent, you’re always doing your best to ensure that your children stay healthy so that they can grow and have a healthy immune system. We go into what’s good and what’s not, try to balance fun snacks and super healthy food in a way that keeps the little ones happy while nourishing them in the best way possible. However, it’s always important to keep the basics as the foundation for their health at the forefront. The most important item that needs to be at the top of the list is water. It’s a known fact that drinking water keeps your body from dehydrating, but why is this so important? It’s important that both you and the children understand the value of drinking water, and this is why we’re providing you with all the facts.


Because of the increasing amount of chemicals and metals that have been known to be present in tap water, we usually use filters and water heaters to ensure that these things are not in our water. Having a complete guide to refer to in order to get the best water heater is important to ensure that you’re doing this right to guarantee that your drinking water is clean and healthy, and free from any harmful properties. However, it’s important that you know that growing children do need fluoride in their bodies to promote bone growth and for them to have healthy teeth. Make sure that they have plenty of water so that they are getting the required intake of fluoride. If your water filter removes fluoride, then you will have to look for alternate options such as supplements or make sure that your filter doesn’t remove fluoride.


You’ll be surprised to find that when your kid is complaining about being hungry, they are most probably thirsty, but don’t know the difference. As a result, we end up feeding them more than we need to and giving them less water than what their body needs. Another issue that needs to be addressed is that many kids turn to sugary and unhealthy drinks to quench their thirst, and both these issues lead to an increase in unhealthy and overweight children. If you make water the staple drink in their lives from the get-go, you’ll find that they will be able to stay at their ideal weight and have their meals when they should, rather than snacking all the time. 


Dehydration results in bodily functions slowing down in a number of areas and organs, and this results in your children always feeling tired. When they don’t get enough water into their bodies, they don’t function to the best of their ability. The liver function is hindered, and the brain is also affected in a great way when they don’t have enough water. As a result, this will ultimately lead to them being unable to perform in school, both in class and in their physical activities. This, of course, will have a domino effect on their ability to grow mentally and physically and will take a serious toll on their overall development. 


If your kids are not drinking enough water, this will greatly impact their memory. Dehydration has a negative effect particularly on short term memory, and this is a big deal for anyone, but for kids, it’s something that you should certainly worry about. No child should be suffering from memory loss problems. By drinking enough water, you are ensuring that your kids are able to stay focused and perform in subjects that require a strong short term memory. 

Water is more than just something that merely quenches our thirst- it is a necessity. And for children, it is almost like a magic potion! It helps their teeth stay strong, keeps them from putting on too much weight, keeps their organs functioning so that they are energized, and keeps their brains active in the best way possible. If you fill your kids in on these details, they will have a better understanding and a new appreciation for water and why it’s so essential for them and their bodies as they grow. If you make water an integral part of their diet and their day from an early age, you’ll find that keeping it essential is not going to be as difficult as it would be if you hadn’t. Not all liquid is the same, and water is in a league of its own when it comes to a growing child’s mental and physical health.

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