Wilkey and Wilson: The Bankruptcy Lawyers You Want On Your Side

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Sooner or later you might be thinking of filing for bankruptcy or you already know you want to file for it. If that day comes, then you’ll want to consider using the bankruptcy lawyers Wilkey and Wilson. Let’s discuss who they are, why you should hire them, when to contact them and info about rates. You can learn more about them at their website https://www.wilkeywilson.com/.

About Wilkey And Wilson 

Wilkey and Wilson is a law firm that specializes in Social Security Disability, as well as bankruptcy. The law firm’s attorneys have a combined experience of over 40 years when it comes to serving those throughout the area of western Kentucky, where the firm is based. The attorneys are experienced and they work on various types of bankruptcy cases. 

Why Hire Them 

Experience is the first reason why you should hire them. Wilkey and Wilson has a tremendous amount of experience. As previously mentioned, the attorneys at the firm has a combined experience of over 35 years, so you can rest assure you’ll be in good hands if you hire them. 

Second reason to hire them is that they have worked on many bankruptcy cases. No two bankruptcy cases are exactly alike, but the law firm has handled many cases. It doesn’t matter how complicated, complex or simple you think your case is, the law firm is more than equipped to take on your case. 

Third reason is that the entire bankruptcy process from start to finish will go a lot smoother. The attorneys will guide you through the process, and they will handle the majority of the legwork involved. Bankruptcy is a stressful time, but hiring a lawyer will make things a lot easier. 

Finally, the initial consultation is completely free. It’s also where you’ll have the chance to get to know more about the attorneys and how they can potentially help you. You’re under no obligation to use the law firm, so you have nothing to lose by scheduling a free initial consultation. 

When To Call 

As soon as you start thinking about filing for bankruptcy is when you should contact the law firm. You will likely have a lot of questions, and each person’s circumstances are unique. This is why the sooner you contact Wilkey and Wilson, the better off you’ll be. 

If you have already filed for bankruptcy, then you should contact the attorneys. They can work with you no matter what stage of bankruptcy you are at. Ideally, you should contact them before you file for bankruptcy, but nonetheless they may still be able to assist you after the fact. 


The initial consultation is free. As for how much you’ll pay Wilkey and Wilson, this depends on several factors. Don’t worry though because the law firm is known for their competitive rates. Plus, they are very good at what they do, which is why they are worth the rates they charge.  

When it comes to filing for bankruptcy or going through the bankruptcy process, then it pays to have experience on your side. This is exactly why you should use the bankruptcy lawyers Wilkey and Wilson. Go ahead and contact them with any questions or concerns you have.

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