6 Key Clothing Items for Winterizing Your Wardrobe

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With the leaves turning browner and the air getting cooler, winter is definitely around the corner. And with the changing of the leaves also comes a changing of wardrobes. It’s time to pack your flip-flops and shorts, dig up all your puffy jackets and large coats, and iron out those flannels and scarves.

Winterizing Your Wardrobe

With the right pieces in your closet, you can pull off absolutely stunning looks while staying warm and comfy out in the chilly weather. That being said, perhaps there are a few items that you might be missing without even knowing it. So, before you go shop leggings, boots, and gloves, read on first to learn about six essential clothing items you should have in your winter wardrobe:


Leggings have become a staple in many women’s closets thanks to their versatility and ease of use. While they’re often associated with workouts and errands, these well-beloved bottoms can be worn during chilly days out, too. Typically, leggings made with thicker fabrics and those lined with fleece make for excellent cold-weather options.

How, exactly, do you winterize leggings? Just put on a nice, fluffy jacket, pull on some boots, wrap a scarf around your neck, and wear a nice beanie. You’ll take your leggings from athleisure to cozy winter casual in no time.


You may be wondering: what’s the difference between leggings and tights?

Unlike leggings, tights are slightly thinner and typically worn underneath shorts, skirts, dresses, and even pants. So, if you’re looking to rock certain looks but find that leggings are a little too thick, opt for a trusty pair of tights instead.

In general, you’ll want to pick tights that are just the right thickness and opacity. While you may be tempted to get the thickest pairs possible, they may end up hindering your movement, depending on what else you’ve got on. However, you don’t want to wear anything too thin, either, or you may just end up shivering in the snow.

Instead, look for something right in the middle, preferably opaque tights that come in at least 80 deniers Be on the lookout for a pair that comes with extra features like internal lining and insulation, too. It may feel like a lot to spend at first, but the right pairs of tights will help keep you warm, comfortable, and stylish all winter long.


Nothing says winter quite like a soft, thick sweater. Whether you’re going for a knitted sweater or a cashmere one, this piece makes it a breeze to layer up or down depending on how cold it is outside. Try pairing your sweaters with jeans and a collared shirt underneath to make your ensemble look a bit more put-together.


For days when the air is a little too chilly but not enough to warrant a full-on coat, a jacket may just be the thing you need. Upgrade your style a few notches by investing in a high-quality leather jacket, preferably in a neutral color like black or brown. If you’re after that fluffy winter look or simply want as much insulation as possible, go for a faux fur jacket instead.


Whenever the temperatures drop significantly, a nice, thick, wool coat will do the trick when it comes to proper insulation. If possible, try going for a coat that can help accentuate the shape of your waist and elongate your figure. If you want to look a bit chicer, you can go for a double-breasted coat instead.


Are you planning to wear skirts and dresses during chilly days out? Boosts will work great for these kinds of outfits. Indeed, boots and skirts are a classic match that works especially well during the wintertime. Some boots also come with fur linings, which means they can provide more of the comfort and warmth you’ll need throughout the colder parts of the year.

Some Extra Tips for Preparing Your Winter Wardrobe

After investing in the items above, you’re on your way to slaying in the snow. But first, learn how to best bundle yourself up for the colder weather using the tips below:

Pick Fabrics Suitable for Cold Weather

It should go without saying, but during the winter season, you shouldn’t wear any garments made with thin materials. These clothing items simply aren’t suitable for providing you with sufficient insulation against the cold.

Try Layering Your Clothes

Speaking of layering, this well-loved fashion technique can certainly provide you with added protection from the cold. To pull it off, successful layering all boils down to determining the type of look you are trying to achieve.

Are you after a casual Sunday outfit? Try pairing a thick, short skirt with a flannel shirt layered over a relaxed tee and some white Chelsea boots. On the other hand, if you want something a bit more dressed up, try pairing your bottoms with a long coat and sweater. This works especially well with plaid minis and black boots.

Want to take your ensemble to the next level? Pair any of the above-mentioned outfit combinations with a trench coat and you’ll look like you stepped off a plane from a London fashion show. If you want something a little more casual, blazers and sweaters are great options for a night out on the town.

Complete Your Look with Winter Accessories

If you want your winter outfit to shine, you should seriously think about accessorizing. Try adding additional pieces like a scarf or a beanie to your outfits. A scarf with a blazer, shirt, midi skirt, and long boots will not look out of place while you’re chilling outside. Neither will a beanie with a sweater on top of a blouse, a skirt, and some tights. Finally, finish off your look with other accessories like jewelry, a watch, or sunglasses. These items add just the right amount of sophistication to any ensemble.

These are just some of the clothing items you’ve got to have on hand to ensure that you’re ready for the winter. Indeed, just because you want to stay bundled up doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing while you’re at it. And with the simple tips and tricks we’ve shared above, you can keep both frostbite and the fashion police at bay. So, what are you waiting for? If you don’t have these pieces in your closet yet, start shopping for them today!

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