Wordless Wednesday

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I’m so lucky to have an amazing child and a loving husband.

Sharing is caring!


  1. Awww, what a sweet picture! Stopping by from VB!

  2. Such a great photo of them!!! Adorable!

  3. I’m following you via Linky

  4. Such a sweet photo! This is a memory to keep indeed! And yes, you are blessed! 🙂

    Mine is up here—->>>Different positions

  5. teresa faidley says

    Aw so cute

  6. Cuties! (All of you!)

  7. Awwwww, that is adorable!


  8. Hi Cortney,

    Could you please delete my comment? I meant to type my blog and I ended up typing my email instead!!
    I will write a new comment with the write link!

    Thank you in advance,
    Essential Mama Baby.

  9. What a great photo!! I love pictures of my husband with my kids, it just makes my heart melt! Enjoy your beautiful family!!

  10. Hey,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. Your daughter is a cutie pie! Following Linky Style :).

  11. What a sweet photo!

  12. So cute!!

  13. She’s lloooovin her dad!

  14. Daddy child pictures are the best. When I look at pictures of Agent Daddy with the boys I know what a truly great man he is.

  15. Oh, warms my heart!! And makes me so happy for you…..:)

  16. Momfever says

    Really sweet picture. And I love your hubby’s shirt!

  17. what a sweet picture. New follower from voiceboks.

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