6 Work-From-Home Marketing Jobs to Consider

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The world is covered in a terrible pandemic. Many people consider remote jobs seriously, while others stepped on this path a long time ago. Check out these professions now.

Six Work-From-Home Marketing Careers to Contemplate

Today’s Internet is developing by leaps and bounds, and many people think of getting a remote job. But which professions are the most sought after, highly paid and promising? How to choose one? How does the process of learning happen? We will present to you the list of the best options in this article.

SMM Manager

How often do you use social networks? We are sure that every day and not for one hour. Due to this, the specialty of the SMM manager is in first place on my top. Let’s figure out who the SMM specialist is.

SMM means Social Media Marketing. And an SMM manager is an online marketer specializing in attracting customers from social networks. There are two main areas in SMM: the first is content and the community, and the second is targeted advertising. The target is often placed in a separate profession, and with the content and the community, it is necessary to clarify.

Targetologists are engaged in targeted advertising on social networks. They set up the right ads for the right audience in order to get the required number of applications/clients at the lowest cost. To do this, they conduct test companies, look at indicators, turn off non-working ads, turn on the budget on the most effective ads. Here, everything is mainly based on numbers, but creativity is sometimes needed to create catchy ads.

An SMM manager is a Jedi who possesses the skills of a journalist, editor, copywriter, and sometimes a designer. He is responsible for the engagement of the audience: comments, likes, and reposts. He/she creates the content, or sets the task to create it, works with comments, objections, and informational occasions. It is the task of developing a community or account, as well as maintaining activity.

Digital Strategist

The digital strategist is a specialist who develops solutions and strategies for promoting products or services using digital technologies. It uses all the capabilities of the digital environment to popularize and increase the profitability of the business.

“Almost all business segments use digital technologies: their own sites, groups on social networks, hidden advertising, videos, cross-marketing, and others. A digital strategist is involved in market analysis, strategy development, the study of a competing environment, and other tasks,” – says Mindy Wendys, a marketer at TheAdsy.

He/She is a person who is well versed in marketing, knows how to “feel” the market and look at advertising through the eyes of the buyer, is familiar with the concepts of analytics and planning. If an SMM specialist advertises goods or services well, then a Digital strategist conducts a detailed study, delves into the specifics of the activities of the company that he is promoting.

Marketing Analyst

Marketing analyst is a type of marketer who collects and analyzes information about the market for goods and services, competitors, and consumer behavior, the success of the marketing strategy of the customer company. This profession is one of the most prestigious and responsible in its segment.

An analytics marketer should not only count well but also know where to look for relevant information. Most often, marketing analysts use the press, the Internet, special software, their acquaintances, and work contacts as sources. After collecting data, they use analytical tools and then select a marketing strategy for the development of the company.

Marketer-analyst identifies unattractive moments in the product or promotions, analyzes the outcome of competitors to make the product more attractive to the buyer. Analytical marketing is a recognition of the soul and a unique mindset because such specialists have sparkling thinking, they have a good memory, and their notebook is full of contacts.

Copywriter/Marketing Blog Editor

A copywriter is one of the most popular remote professions. Why? Because this job has a very low entry threshold. Most of the remote workers, calling themselves copywriters, do low-skilled and low-paid work on rewriting articles (rewriting), filling out cards in online stores, and other fairly simple tasks. Growing professionally with such a monotonous job is quite difficult, and I do not see any prospects for revenue growth.

On the other hand, there are qualified copywriters who earn thousands of dollars a month. Yes, there are a few of them, but it is quite possible to become one. What do they usually do? There are two main areas: 

1) selling copywriting (commercial offers, landing pages, letters, presentations – everything that is related to marketing here), 

2) information copywriting (articles, videos, blogs, etc. Here everything is closer to journalism, but in business, this is usually included in content marketing). 

A copywriter should know the rules that SEO experts impose on texts, be able to use hypertext, and format TITLE and META tags.

Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager is an expert in creating and maintaining affiliate programs. An affiliate program is a type of business cooperation between the seller of a product or service and its partners. The advantage of affiliate programs is that they help reduce the cost of attracting a buyer. Examples of participants in affiliate programs: travel agencies, car dealers, B2B business schemes. The affiliate manager receives a percentage or a fixed amount from such cooperation in accordance with the partnership plan.

An affiliate manager has to fulfill a wide range of functional duties and, at the same time, act as an advertising manager, marketer, PR specialist, and user support specialist. In a word, the profession is universal and requires constant development. In essence, it is necessary to improve affiliate programs taking into account the results of marketing research, find new ways to promote products through affiliate programs, attract new partners and support existing ones, create partnership strategies.

Brand Marketer

Promoting brands nowadays does not require traveling around the globe with presentations. You can easily push the best features of your company remotely, online. A brand marketer is a specialist who promotes brands. He/She uses marketing tools to increase the attractiveness of products and brands to customers.

Ordinary marketers can promote goods or services, but a brand marketer promotes TM. Thanks to his or her work, the quality of all goods produced under a particular brand will not cause doubts among buyers. Customers will safely choose products on the shelves of stores that bear the company logo of the company advertised by the brand marketer.

Specialists help reduce the cost of advertising new products, and they can significantly increase sales. These people rarely advertise on their own, but they develop strategies and then pass them on to members of their working group.

Before starting work, the brand marketers study and analyze the market, because they need to know it all about the positions of competitors and the desires of potential buyers. Having concluded, the specialist starts to work, developing a strategy. He chooses the best type of advertising, presentations, promotions, managing his subordinate, and the budget.
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