You Must Try Social Media Detox Now: Why & How!

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While they say that social media is a part of our life, but, for many, it is the heart of life!

From the moment we wake up, the first thing that most of us are accustomed to doing is checking our social media accounts for notifications.

We know that the world hasn’t changed overnight. Somehow, it feels so good to connect with the news and happenings on social media, check out what our friends are doing, and respond to the pictures that they have posted.   

While you thought it was making you happy, you end up getting into persistent stress. And, you are never free to engage into anything productive. Isn’t this also increasing your emotional distance from your family and friends?

The part of our lives which goes beyond social media is the one that we need for a happy and mindful living.  

So, before the situation becomes too complicated to change, let us see how we can correct our lives with what we can call as a Social Media Detox.

  • Try Ignoring Your Smartphone  

I know, as a social media fan, you don’t like this point!

We do so much for our well being. We meditate, manage our doctor visits on time, and we give up unhealthy food habits. But, the only thing that we can’t give up even for a day is social media!

So, to start with, why not just try ignoring social media altogether for only one day in a month? It is not very difficult. And, I am also suggesting further about how you can spend this day more meaningfully.

So, don’t you want to know, how ignoring social media for one day in a month helps?

Ultimately, it is about developing self-restraint. You are just addicted to social media.

As per recent research, even businesses want to leverage social media marketing because we, their prospective customers, are obsessed with social media.

But, giving it up for a day in the month will help you understand that you can live without it for a day!

However, I am going to expect more and would suggest you increase it to once every fortnight. But, let’s go easy initially and start with just a day. And, if you like it, make your schedule further.

  • Meet Your Friends

When was the last time that you met your friends? Now you are going to tell me that you are in touch with all your friends on Pinterest, Facebook, and the list continues!

I shouldn’t be saying that again. But, if you can’t recollect when you last met your friends, this is the time to get out of your Smartphone niche.

The next crucial step in Social Media Detox is to call up friends, invite them for dinner, or go for a holiday with them.

While your friends can pose for cheesy pictures and post them on some social media page, you cannot talk your hearts out without meeting each other.

And, when you meet, you realize that there was so much to be said and heard.

  • Spend Time with Your Partner

I am sure you are proactive at installing updates of all your social media apps. But, do you feel equally updated about your family?

One must communicate more with one’s partner, to make the relationship healthy. And by communication, I don’t mean social media communication here.

Humans are predominantly social beings. They need each other for a quality living. And, if they do not get that companionship, their relationship suffers.

There would have been times when your partner needed you emotionally, but you were busy with social media. And, each such instance builds a gap in your relations.

Going out for dinner, inviting him or her for a drive, and planning a shopping date together can be some of the best ways to make the partner realize that you are there for him or her.   

  • Identify the Needs of Your Family

You and spouse are busy managing your jobs and family obligations. And, you hardly get any time to spend any quality time together. I have heard this enough!

But, these are just excuses. There are easy ways to snatch some time from your busy schedules and give it to your family. You have to cut on your leisure social media browsing, slightly!

So, if you can keep a weekend dedicated to your family, you have many ways to connect with them and make your life better.

Help your spouse with everything, be it laundry or manage a cooking session together. The tasks will become quicker, and your spouse will be happy. This pleasant time can bring back the lost charm into your relationship.

Play with your pet, engage with your child in his activities, and don’t forget to call up your parents!

Each of these activities will help you identify the needs of your family members. You can support them wherever they need you. And, these things don’t require you to give up your job or any other obligations.

  • Last but Not Least, Exercise!  

Workouts are great for your physical and mental well being. Believe it or not, but your physical and psychological well being determines the quality of your relationships as well.

If you are not feeling healthy, you cannot support your friends and family. Your work also gets affected.

So, spare some time for your work-out schedules. And, before you say that you do not have any time to spare, I must remind you that this time has to be saved from your social media activities time-table!

The foremost need is to identify that social media usage should not be a part of your mandatory daily to-do list. But, some relaxation sessions, a cozy walk, or some work-outs for sure should become a part of your daily routine.


Social media is a great way to connect with distant friends and relatives. It is also good to keep ourselves updated about whatever is happening around the world.

If you are using it for work, do it! But, don’t let it kill all of your time.

And, we need to learn to use it responsibly. That will ensure that we get only benefits out of it and not end up stressing our lives more.

As the old saying goes, the excess of everything is bad! And, social media is undoubtedly a part of your life. But, don’t let it affect the other significant parts of it.

So, why not try this Social Media Detox, just once a month?

And, don’t forget to share your success story!  

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Jin Markov is a Content Writer with, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 6 years and has been writing on areas related to blogging, social media, and content marketing.

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