Your Perfect Retirement Destination: Anthem Lakes Jacksonville, Florida

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Anthem Lake is located in the Atlantic beach area of Jacksonville, Florida. It is a senior living rental retirement community offering supportive independent living. Anthem Lakes Jacksonville Florida Alzheimer’s care facilities provide memory care and other forms of dementia care and assisted living. 

Supportive Independent Living – Waterview Lifestyle 

For older adults and healthy active seniors who value Hospitality Services, luxury amenities on a walkable 14 acre campus, wildlife and lake observation dock. 

Assisted Living Whenever You Need It – 

In a natural environment it is the best choice for assisted living. From physical assistance to medication management with daily living needs, you need not worry whether you or your loved ones are well cared for. 

Innovative Premier Memory Care –

Anthem Lake understands that you require High Quality Services at a reasonable cost. The premier memory care pricing is based on all inclusive care; you don’t have to worry about the endless addition of multiple care levels, as they make costs more predictable. 

Memory care residents have complex care needs related to the multifaceted nature of dementia related illnesses. Reducing confusion,  staying safe, slowing disease progression and monitoring medication needs are some aspects of care that form an individual Centre for Holistic care plan for the seniors. 

Personalized to meet specific memory needs, from Alzhiemers to other dementia related diseases. Garden, a controlled access building and activities that stimulate and engage mind and soul. The outdoor living spaces and Gardens are designed specially for the memory care residents to create a unique, caring and sheltered environment focused on the needs of the individual. 

The staff is exemplary, with grace and patience to guide and nurture the sometimes confused residents. For example – they understand when a resident with dementia related illness retells a story a large number of times or forget that they had eaten their breakfast. 

Nurturing Place For Alzheimer’s Care

The cheerful environment helps with the depression and the staff works tirelessly with the residents to create a living space that is safe ,uplifting, engaging and not confusing. Provides special programs to help the residents remain engaged in life and slow the progression of dementia related illness. The key is to keep the brain active. They do this through mind games, puzzles and lectures for residents , reading exercises and more. 

Don’t Forget The Spousal Caregiver – 

The primary caregiver is a spouse very often. They understand how emotionally difficult making placement into memory care can be for primary caregivers. They stand alongside you to  ease the transition for both. They welcome your input in creating a personalized care profile for your loved one. 

State Of The Art – 

The staff of Anthem lakes keep up with the latest research for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other memory impairing illnesses. In the market there are many programs these days, and research continues along many fronts. And they use research methods and programs like iN2L in their dementia program approach. 

Holistic Approach 

Anthem Lake wants the residents to exercise cognitive ability in a dignified way. This is the reason they have partnered with iN2L to tap into technology to provide creative quality programs with  purpose. Each resident has a personalized learning plan adapted to group activities for reduced anxiety and higher engagement. They also use nature around them. Their Holistic approach to memory care gets people outside so that they may enjoy the outdoor activities. 

The safety and security of the memory care residents is the top priority at Anthem Lakes . That is why they have friendly staff on site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The nursing staff is available to assist with medication and provides a level of support which is not often seen in other communities.

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