Your Personalized Wedding Rental Checklist

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Prices for weddings continue to rise, but brides and grooms can help manage the cost of this special celebration by renting as many items as possible, such as romantic lantern rentals or unique decor. Hosting a large event like a memorable wedding is reasonable if you know what to rent. Here is your personalized wedding rental checklist to make your wedding a dream. 

Wedding ceremony on a hill


The first step of a wedding that’s unforgettable is a gorgeous venue. More people today are choosing to have their wedding outdoors. After an outdoor ceremony, it’s best to hold your reception in a covered area, like a tent. Renting a tent is an ideal way to keep your guests happy and covered in case of rain or too much sun.

Tables and Chairs

Inside of the reception area under the tent, the next thing to focus on is the layout of dining tables and chairs. When putting together the guest list and seating chart, you’ll need wedding table rentals and chairs to accommodate everyone for dinner, cocktail hour and the ceremony. Round tables that seat up to eight people are the most popular for the reception. Tall bar tables are also a possibility for the cocktail hour after the ceremony. 


An elegant wedding also needs an assortment of linens during the dinner hour. You’ll need linen and tablecloths for all of the dining tables and napkins for each guest. Neutral colors are usually the most economical to rent. Tablecloths in your wedding color scheme can also add a gorgeous visual element to your reception.


Next on the wedding rental checklist is dinnerware. You’ll need to rent plates for dinner, bread and appetizers. Flatware and glassware rental are also necessary to cover the dinner courses, drinks and dessert. Consider choosing dinnerware pieces that match your wedding’s theme and style, such as rustic mason jars for glasses or vintage pieces of china for plates.

Dance Floor and Lighting

Most outdoor wedding venues also require parties to rent a dance floor. A dance floor is vital to keep the party going and give your guests a night to remember. Lighting can also be rented from a wedding vendor to give your event a specific atmosphere that matches your love story.

Floral Arrangements and Decor

Some couples who choose fresh floral arrangements for their weddings end up having to purchase all of the décor and flower holders that house their arrangements. One way to save some money with your flower budget is to choose to rent these items instead of buying them. This way, you get the beauty of fresh flowers without the hefty price tag. You can also put up a beautiful wedding welcome sign at the front of the venue. This not only enhance the entire atmosphere but also to let your guests know that they are at the right place.

Portable Restrooms 

The last important item on your wedding rental checklist is a portable restroom. There are some venues that offer their own restrooms for your guests to use, but many scenic settings don’t have that option. You can rent clean, portable restrooms for guests to have access to during the big event.

Create a Dream Wedding

If you’re aiming to create your dream wedding, you’ll need to rent lots of different supplies to stage the celebration for you and your guests. Wedding rentals are a great way to save money on the overall cost of your big day. Use this checklist to guide your wedding preparations and get the day you’ve always envisioned.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that some scenic settings for a wedding don’t offer portable restrooms so they should be on your checklist if you plan to have a reception outside. My sister is considering looking for restroom trailer rentals because her daughter is considering having a wedding reception on a private beach that doesn’t have anywhere for guests to use the bathroom. I think it’s a good idea for my sister to consider renting portable restrooms from a reputable company that has the best units available for their guests to use.

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