YouTube Stats That Make Platform Attractive For Advertisers

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YouTube is the second most visited resource in the world after Google. The site has long ceased to be a repository of memes and funny videos about cats. Both ads and YouTube’s own content provide concrete business benefits. 

In this article, we share the latest statistics and interesting data on YouTube. Take a closer look at these numbers to adjust your brand promotion strategy or decide how to get more subscribers on YouTube in 2021.

YouTube demographics 

There are now 2 billion monthly audiences on the platform. Over the past year, the figure has grown by 5%. In the US, YouTube’s audience aged 18-49 is larger than all cable TV. YouTube is number 2 after Netflix among users aged 18-34 who watch videos on TV screens.  81% of users aged 15-25 are using YouTube (US data). The site is ideal to reach teens and young people.

YouTube is popular among different age groups: 71% of users aged 26-35 use it, 67% – 36-45 years old, 66% – 46-55 years old, 58% – 56 years and older. The resource supports 80 languages ??and is present in 100+ countries – ideal for global brands and online businesses. 15.2% of all YouTube traffic comes from the US – the largest segment by country. If you are entering the US market, YouTube is the # 1 tool for you.  

YouTube usage statistics

In 2019, the popularity of YouTube watching on TV grew by 39%. Despite the rise in TV views, 70% of YouTube’s traffic still comes from mobile devices. More than 1 billion hours of content is viewed on YouTube every day. Video hosting audience is one of the most involved.  30,000+ video content is uploaded to YouTube every hour. Over the past 5 years, this is an increase of 40%. The average user spends almost 12 minutes on YouTube, viewing 6.7 pages. According to YouTube statistics, music videos and videos are gaining the most views. What is the Despacito video with its record of 6.6 billion views? Top 3 YouTube video formats include: Reviews, How To Videos and vlogs.

YouTube influencer Metrics

The most popular channel for today is T-Series. He has 120+ million subscribers. In second place is the blogger from the gaming industry – PewDiePie. He has 110+ million subscribers. 

Ryan Kaji, 8, is in the first place in terms of making money from advertising on YouTube as a blogger. In 2018, he made $ 26 million from his videos of unboxing baby products.  In second place in terms of earnings is the comedy group Dude Perfect – $20 million, in third – the blog of a 5-year-old girl “Like Nastya” with an income of $18 million.

Previously, the first earner was PewDiePie. Now he has dropped to 7th line with earnings of $13 million. In the beauty industry, 60% of content falls on influencers, only 40% of content is created by brands themselves. 

YouTube Marketing Statistics

Despite YouTube’s popularity, only 24% of marketers are developing an on-site promotion strategy (according to Sprout Social polls). At the same time, brands are more and more integrated into the content of influencers. Over the past year, the number of users who subscribe and follow exactly the content creators and opinion leaders has grown by 70%.

Videos in the style of

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