Blackberry Margarita Cocktail On The Rocks

It’s summer! Finally! Now that the hot weather is here, we need something refreshing to cool us off while we lounge by the pool or grill up some tasty eats or just do nothing at all. This blackberry margarita cocktail is sure to please anyone who enjoys a fruity cocktail with just the right blend of sweetness and kick!

Blackberry Margarita Cocktail – Sit and Stay A While
Blackberry Margarita On The Rocks

Nothing is more fun during the summer months than hanging out with friends and family, especially in my neck of the woods. Winters are cold, icy, and treacherous where I live, so there’s not a lot of, “Hey. Want to meat up later?” It’s more, “Good God, I went to the grocery store and almost froze to death.”

That’s what makes the summer my favorite season. It’s all about family friends, and cool refreshing drinks like this blackberry margarita cocktail. It’s the perfect mix of sweetness and kick to cool you off and loosen you up for all the fun you know you’re going to have with all your loved ones.

Blackberry Margarita On The Rocks

I mean just look at that. If this blackberry margarita cocktail doesn’t say summer fun, I don’t know what does. Even the color is summer. It’s the color of flowers, and it has a fruity refreshing taste that I just love.

Blackberry Margarita On The Rocks

Don’t worry about missing out on the fun when preparing this delicious cocktail. Although it requires a simple syrup, that’s as difficult as it gets. And making the simple syrup is, well, simple. 😉 It really only takes a few minutes to whip these up, and they’re always a crowd pleaser when I bring them out.

Blackberry Margarita On The Rocks

Servings 2 Drinks
Author Courtney Pies


  • 1/4 Cup White Sugar + More For Rim
  • 4 oz. Filtered Water
  • 14-18 Blackberries Add More For Increased Flavor
  • 4 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
  • 3 oz. High-quality White Tequila
  • 2 oz Blackberry Liqueur Recommend Chambord
  • 1 oz. Orange Liqueur Recommend Grand Marnier


  1. To make the simple sugar, heat the sugar and water over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. The mixture will look clear.
  2. Add the blackberries to a cocktail shaker and muddle using a muddler or wooden spoon.
  3. Add the simple syrup, lime juice, tequila, orange liqueur, blackberry liqueur and ice to the cocktail shaker and shake until cold.
  4. Depending on taste, you can pour the mixture evenly between two glasses filled with additional ice OR strain the drink with a fine mesh strainer if you prefer to remove the blackberry pulp.
  5. Enjoy immediately!

Blackberry Margarita Cocktail – Because We All Deserve It

Blackberry Margarita On The Rocks

Last winter was brutal on the entire country, but now blessed summer has arrived again, and we’re free to eat, drink, and be merry – and hit the pool, too! So whip up this delicious blackberry margarita cocktail, and have everyone at your get together asking when you’re having another one!


  1. Looks tasty and refreshing! I love blackberries, so this will be nice to try.

  2. Jodi Hunter says:

    This looks so yummy, can;t wait to try it.

  3. This would be so perfect with the summer heat right now. I think my mom would love these as well.


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