Big Fun, Small Price! How To Have Fun With Your Family On A Budget

You probably lead a pretty busy life. These days, it can be pretty overwhelming when you're actually faced with the sheer amount of stuff that you have to do on an average day or week. From dealing with the stress of work every day to the madness that so often comes with raising kids, to trying to focus on your relationship with your partner, to attempting to maintain some semblance of a social life, it's tough to even fit it all in. Of course, that's not even counting one of the biggest factors … [Read more...]

Backyard Camping – One of the Best Family Times

Its summer time and you’re probably thinking of going camping with your family. But then there are house chores in pending and you can’t drive out of city leaving things undone. That’s not even needed when you have a backyard. The most you will need to travel is going to your backyard and spend time your family. A family campout just outside your house will not only be enjoyable but also a comforting experience. It’s time to drop your digital gadgets and pitch a tent in your background for … [Read more...]

Go Outside: Tips and Tricks to Get the Whole Family Outdoors More

A family who stays outside together enjoys a number of benefits. It doesn’t take family counseling to understand that quality time is needed. However, that doesn’t mean sitting in the same room while one person is watching television, another is on their smartphone, and someone is snacking in the kitchen while reading their iPad. The outdoor affords time with the family. Here are tips and tricks to apply for the whole family. Relaxation Parents can grow frustrated by rambunctious kids and … [Read more...]

3 Tips To Earn Extra Money In Your Child-Free Time

If you’re a hardworking, busy mom; it can be a challenge to find any “free time” at all. However, if you do have a spare hour or so during the day, evenings, or on the weekends, you could be using the time to earn some extra cash. Kids and family life can be expensive, so every bit of extra income could help to ease any financial stress, or go towards family vacations and days out together. The following are some ideas that might inspire you to start pocketing some extra money. Share Your … [Read more...]

Toyota Surprises Movie Go-ers

If you have been following me on social media over the past week, you may have noticed something - I've been driving around in an amazing 2017 Toyota Highlander! Lateron I will be sharing some of my favorite things about this car as a mom, but today I want to share details about a fun event Toyota put on this past Saturday at the Holiday Auto Theatre in Hamilton, Ohio. Toyota had a fun #ToyotaDriveIn event at our local drive-in theater last week - and it was so much fun! The first 50 … [Read more...]

3 Tips For Taking Time to Focus On Yourself #PerfectSizeFor1

Since I became a full-time working mom in February, life has been so hectic. Working 8am-4:30pm, making sure Riley does her homework, making dinner, keeping the blog running, spending time with my family, and making sure I even have the energy to get a shower is tough work. It has definitely been a big adjustment. And finding time for myself? It's near impossible. But as a woman, it is so important. Today I want to share some tips from how I have found the time to focus on myself, even if it is … [Read more...]

Parenting Like a Pro: Practical Advice From Today’s Top Mom Bloggers

Becoming a new mom is scary and exciting in equal measure. There is a lot of advice out there, but sometimes it can seem like there is so much that it's hard to know whose advice to follow. Sometimes the best option is to look to other moms who have been there and done it before. So here are some expert tips from some of the top mom bloggers on the internet to help you out when parenting is tough.   Focus on What Your Child Really Needs NerdWallet published a piece providing … [Read more...]

How to Prepare For Your Newborn

Having a baby is an exciting and magical time. You’ll probably already know a bit about your baby’s personality and you’ll be wondering what he/she looks like. The only downside to having a new baby is all the things you need to buy in order to be ready. From the essentials to the cute clothes you just can’t leave in the store, the list is endless. It’s not just all the items you need that will send your mind into overdrive, it’s all the choice you have these days. If you can start saving money … [Read more...]