Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mom. <3

My beautiful mom would have been 63 today.  Today is the first birthday she will have in heaven, though.  I can't believe it's been almost a year that God took her from this Earth.  As hard as it is for me, I know that she will be having the best birthday she has ever had. Today, I am going to try not to think about the fact that she's not here to physically celebrate her birthday, but celebrate her new life.  I want to keep her memory alive, especially with Riley.  I don't want her to forget … [Read more...]

Silent Sunday – 22nd Birthday Cake

This is the beautiful birthday cake my Great Aunt Vicky made for me yesterday!  It's gorgeous and it was delicious, too!  It was the best cake I have ever tasted.  She made homemade cake and icing.  The icing was perfect - not too sweet, which is exactly how I like it! I had a wonderful birthday yesterday.  I got to see all the important people in my life.  :)  I couldn't have asked for anything better.  Well, except for the fact that my husband had to work, but we're going away for a mini … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy 22nd birthday to me!  Goodness, I cannot believe I'm 22 already!  Where in the world does the time go?! … [Read more...]

Happy 23rd Birthday, Miles!

Sorry it was so quiet yesterday!  It was Miles' 23rd birthday so we were celebrating that.  :)  I made him his favorite dinner - meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob.  Plus I made him a delicious cake.  :)  He received two nice polo shirts from my parents, plus my parents and I went in to get him a nicer grill.  :)  We ordered it off the internet, though, so he'll be receiving that this coming week.  :) I can't believe he's already 23 and I'm about to be 22 on the 7th.  Time just … [Read more...]

Krohn Conservatory – Butterfly Show

Yesterday we took my mom to the Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park for the Butterfly Show. My mom's birthday is Tuesday, the 24th, so we wanted to do something this weekend for her. I got some wonderful pictures. I wanted to share them with you.  Just click 'Continue Reading' to see them. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Shary!

I would like to wish a very happy 25th birthday to Shary over at Shary Loves You. Please go over to her blog and follow her and wish her a happy birthday! Hope it was a good one! … [Read more...]