Celebrating Your Birthday Outdoors: 6 Ideas

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If you can’t decide what to do for your birthday party, here are a few of the best outdoor party ideas for grown-ups! Now that you’re no longer a kid, making decisions under pressure can be hard. No one wants to feel stressed out on their birthday, right?

Well, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with five ultimate outdoor birthday ideas for adults. It’s time to put your brain away for a while and finally kick into birthday mode!

Birthday Outdoors

Idea 1. Visit an Adventure Park

Step into a whole different world and unleash your inner child with a trip to an adventure park for your birthday. From ziplines to gliding through treetop obstacles, you’ll have so much fun! You can even arrange a fun-filled day and invite friends and family. Make this birthday one to remember!

Idea 2. Feast Under the Stars

Nothing promises unlimited warmth and fuzzy feelings like a feast under the stars with good food, liquor, and company. Spend your night with the people who love you the most – it doesn’t have to be just family! There’s no better way to end a fun-filled day in the sun than with good friends and loving family tucking into delicious grub under the stars.

Idea 3. Get Tipsy at a Vineyard

Getting tipsy doesn’t sound very classy, but it’s easily done at a vineyard. One sip, then another, and another and another – before you know it, you’re laughing at things that aren’t remotely funny, but who cares?! As long as you’re having fun and making the most of your birthday! Just remember to pre-book your Uber home, otherwise, you’ll be stumbling around the vineyard looking for your ride.

Idea 4. Birthday BBQ

With the sun shining and drinks chilling in the ice bucket, what’s better than a birthday BBQ? Nothing – exactly! Invite just friends or your family and neighbors too, and nominate a chef and server too, as you’ll want to kick back and catch a tan while the sun is out. Or, you could hire an actual chef so you can all enjoy some fun in the sun!

Idea 5. Pool Party

Hosting a pool party is the easiest birthday idea as guests can cater for themselves and you can spend time with everyone you invite. Plus, food is easy too! You can put on a buffet spread with plenty of food and drink choices so everyone can pick in-between dips. Don’t forget your inflatable flamingos and sharks! You could even get inflatable tables, so your guests can take their snacks and drinks with them.

Idea 6. Ultimate Rooftop Brunch

Lastly, nothing quite compares to eating brunch on a restaurant’s rooftop. Not only can it make you feel on top of the world, but it’s important to eat the two most important meals of the day in style on your birthday. Plus, if your friends or family have organized a happy birthday song featuring the servers, at least your cheeks won’t turn as rosey in the fresh air!

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