3 Simple Living Tips for Young Families with Kids

Whether you live rent or own an apartment in Northridge or live in luxury apartments in LA or anywhere else for that matter, it’s often difficult to live simply when you’re part of a young family just starting out with small children. It can be really complicated to live with little ones since they always seem to make a mess; they play sports and join clubs after school, have chores to do which you need to supervise, go to playdates, need potty training and chauffeuring around, and so much more. … [Read more...]

Family Day Activities For Winter Months

Winter is still in full swing but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some of these great Family Day Activities For Winter Months! Even though warm weather is coming, shorter days and colder nights are still here. This usually leads to a strong desire to stay in, curl up in a warm blanket, and spend the evening hanging in front of the television. After all, when it’s cold and dark outside, we rarely want to be out there.  But cold weather doesn’t mean we have to stop enjoying fun quality time with … [Read more...]

Finding the Best Thermometer for Your Family

You’ve likely noticed that thermometers have come a long way since you were a child. Thankfully technology has advanced likely for the better, giving you fewer freakout moments while you are impatiently waiting for a temperature reading. The days of wondering if you are about to likely have a dangerous glass mercury thermometer stuck in your rear or your armpit, if you are a child, are generally gone. The best thermometer will probably be dependable, have great accuracy, and be quick or simple … [Read more...]

Six Ways To Be Prepared For Emergencies This Holiday Season

Christmas tree fires, electrical socket overloads, cooking disasters, and other such emergencies are incredibly rare this time of year, but the overall statistics provide very little comfort to families touched by these mishaps. As preparations for holiday parties enter their final phases, take a few moments to be ready for the unexpected. Following these tips should chase some of the few remaining shadows from your mind, giving you the extra peace of mind you need to truly enjoy the time with … [Read more...]

It’s All in the Planning: How to Afford the Family Vacation You Want

Fewer families are taking vacations these days. Part of the reason is limited funds yet a vacation for the entire family can be affordable if planned the right way. Why settle for the vacation you don’t want, or even worse, not go on vacation at all? It’s all in the planning. Here’s how to afford the vacation you want. Do It Yesterday Diligent souls start planning a vacation up to a year in advance. Many airlines and hotels will post rates 300 days in advance. Some joke that planning a … [Read more...]

The Worst Case Scenario: How to Handle Family Health Emergencies

As a parent, it’s inevitable your kids will have accidents and require medical attention. But, in serious emergencies, it’s vital you know exactly how to handle the situation as, in severe cases, your initial actions could mean the difference between life and death. Not only will you have to get to your destination quickly, you must also try your best to identify what’s wrong with your child so you can establish the right place to go. From the emergency room to walk-in clinics to emergency … [Read more...]

Get Off Your Phones! Three Fanastic Activities To Bring Your Family Together

In the modern world, far too many of us spend all of our time glued to screens. Look at any normal family, and you'll often find everyone sitting in total silence, staring at their phone, tablet or laptop. Despite the fact that they're all together, they might as well be in separate countries! Now, this isn't to say that technology and phones and all of those things are bad! They can be absolutely fantastic, but sometimes it can all get a little bit too much. Sometimes you need to put away the … [Read more...]

So You’ve Decided To Adopt – What Happens Next?

There are many reasons you might come to the decision that adoption is the right course for you and your family. Health conditions can mean natural options are limited, or perhaps you just want to help out an existing child. Adoption is increasingly seen as a commonplace situation, to the point where it bears little comment anymore. There is some history of adoption being seen as not "real" parenting, but thankfully in the 21st century, we have moved past that nonsense. The moment you hold a … [Read more...]