What Is Eye Bag Surgery, And Can It Make You Look Younger?

Eye bags are something that you can have at any age. They usually come from being tired in your youth, but as you age, they can become a permanent mainstay that can age your face and detract from your beauty. The good news is that you don’t have to live with them, and the corrective procedure to provide relief is simple and virtually pain- and side effect-free. If you are considering doing away with your eye bags for good, it might just change your entire life. Eye bag surgery is a surgery … [Read more...]

Details of Mom’s Diverticulum Surgery 7/23

Well yesterday was one of the longest and most stressful days ever.  Mom got taken back for her surgery at 7am.  And thus began the waiting.  We got an update around 10am saying that they weren't able to do everything with the robot like they wanted to (if you recall me talking about this in my last update) so they had to make a 6-8 inch incision on the side of her chest.  That's going to suck because she's going to have a longer recovery time because of such a long incision.  That was all the … [Read more...]