13 Easy DIY Playground Ideas for Kids

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DIY Playground Ideas for Kids

Kids, every year, look forward to making the most out of their summer and spring break. Being out in the sun, rejoicing in fun, and making core memories shape every kid’s childhood. Playgrounds make a significant part of that fun.

However, not everyone has access to a full-fledged and equipped playground in their neighborhood. And the best way to transform your background into a playground isn’t as complicated as you think.

We have sorted out some of the best DIY playground ideas for kids that you can set up in your yard or porch to keep your children engaged in spring break.

13 DIY Playground Ideas for Kids

When sorting out different playground ideas for kids, you can’t deny that there are quite a few options to choose from. However, what you do depends on what kind of activities your kids love.

Do they like swings? Do they like adventurous hurdles? The choice is entirely on them and the tools you have to get started on these DIY projects.

Following are some of the top ideas you can explore:

1. Hammocks

Hammocks are a great and accessible way to create a fun yet impromptu napping spot for your kid in the yard. They also make an excellent spot for your kid to catch a break after running through the garden without any stop.

The best thing about setting up a hammock is the ease of creating one. All you need is a sturdy base on the ground and a long piece of cloth. If you want it to look more authentic, you can buy hammock fabric, which is cut and premade. Then, all you have to do is hang and secure it in your yar.

2. Climbing Wall

This might sound terrifying initially, but a climbing wall is a quintessential part of a playground. You will encounter many adventure hurdles, and this one takes the cake. However, creating a climbing wall in your backyard can be challenging.

When DIYing a climbing wall, the first thing we’d recommend you do is to find stable ground. Once that’s sorted, putting up the climbing wall from there should be easy. Not only is it a significant adventure hurdle, but a climbing wall also gets a lot of exercise in your kid’s day-to-day life.

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3. Chalkboard in The Backyard

The concept of a chalkboard on the ground is fun for the kids. It allows them to express their creativity and have fun without any limitations. The best thing about chalkboards on the walkways is that they get washed away quickly with a downpour.

But what if your kid wants something more substantial and long-lasting? In such cases, a chalkboard wall makes a great alternative. You can create it in a shaded area under the porch, so the drawings aren’t washed away when it rains.

4. Waterway for Boats

If you live somewhere where it rains quite a bit and you have the option to create a waterway for boats, we’d highly recommend working on that idea and making it happen. Not only is it fun, but it also brings a lot of great summer memories for your kids.

However, creating a waterway for boats is an extensive process. You need a lot of space and slope to make this a working idea. So, we’d recommend getting to it before the rainy season kicks through. Also, check the stability of the boat you are putting in. You want one that will remain static in one place.

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5. Trampoline

If there’s an OG DIY playground idea, it’s a trampoline. They are not just easily accessible; they also make a tremendous makeshift option for you to explore. This means that even if you move, you can pack things up, load them in the truck, and have the same trampoline in the next house.

However, if you want to install something more permanent, a ground trampoline is a great idea too. This might require more effort and labor, so ensure you have time sorted out. Since most trampolines are large, you also need a lot of space to set them up.

6. Tiny Water Slide with No Effort

Water slides are every kid’s summer dream. But creating one in your background can be a little challenging, especially if you live somewhere with scorching heat.

If you don’t want to splurge out on an expensive water slide, what you can do is get the sprinkler switched on and cover the grass with some thick plastic sheets and angle things on a slope. The constant water flow should keep the plastic pliable enough for your kid to slide down.

7. Tree House in the Backyard

This is probably one of the most tedious and expensive DIY playground projects you will get yourself into. Is it worth it? Definitely. But you have to prepare yourself for a lot of time and effort. You must first sort out the design and structure blueprint before building it.

Ideally, we’d recommend getting the already-built treehouses and setting them up in the backyard if you don’t have much time. But, if you are good with tools and want to make things yourself, you always have the option to start from scratch. In addition, tree houses are an excellent spot for your kid to have a separate safe space for themselves to play, study, and have fun.

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8. Tire Swing Made from Scratch

Another great DIY playground idea you can explore in your free time is making a tire swing. This is a great way to utilize those spare tires in your garage.

But ensure that you only take up this project if you have a solid and sturdy tree in the backyard. It’s crucial because the tree’s stability ensures your children’s safety when they are swinging high in the air.

9. Teepee in the Park

Camping in the backyard sounds fun, right? However, you can make it a lot more glamorous and fun by installing a teepee in the park. Ideally, we’d recommend that you make a spectacle out of it by installing multiple teepees in the park and arranging a picnic around with all your kid’s friends.

Since the concept of the teepee is gaining quite a lot of prominence, it isn’t surprising that you get readymade teepees available in the stores. All you have to do is buy them and set them up.

10. Stepping Stones with a Variety of Colors

Stepping stones are an evergreen game that almost every kid enjoys. You might find your kid stepping around the concrete blocks in your driveway, so why not make it a better one?

If you have space in your backyard, we’d recommend buying larger blocks of stepping stones in different colors and placing them uniformly. Not only does it look great, but the stones also make a fun game for your kids.

11. Bowling Alley in the Backyard

You might stand there thinking,

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