2 Modern Ways To Experience The Joy Of Parenthood  

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For you, having children of your own may be the only missing piece in your life that’ll help make you feel complete. Their laughter would finally fill the empty noise inside your home, and their toys would surround your living room floor, making it impossible for you to move from one room to another. While having children might sound chaotic, it’ll surely be fun, and everything will be worth it.  

Conceiving children might not be for everyone, especially since plenty of health factors could affect their own or their baby’s health. Luckily, modern technologies today allow everyone to enjoy parenthood, even with the difficulty of naturally having one. With that, here are the two major ways to be a parent in these modern times:  

1. In Vitro Fertilization 

In certain circumstances wherein the mother can’t bear a child due to health complications, there’s a technological advancement that combines egg and sperm cells, which is then inserted into a healthy womb. Depending on the situation, it could be inside the mother’s womb, or someone else’s through surrogation. 

In the conventional method, the doctor will combine the egg and sperm cells of the couple in a laboratory dish and wait until it’s ready to be transferred into the womb for a more progressive and healthy development. Surrogacy, on the one hand, is a process wherein a willing woman will carry the child for the couple. Clinics and surrogacy agencies, like NewGen Families, offer such services.

There are multiple ways in vitro fertilization (IVF) is done. While most couples would prefer to use their own sperm and egg cells, so their baby is still 100% from them, there might be a lesser chance of having successful fertilization, especially if there are certain complications. On the bright side, there are multiple ways a couple could still have their own baby.  These include:

  • IVF with sperm donor – If the father’s sperm cells aren’t healthy enough or aren’t compatible with the mother’s egg cells, opting for a sperm donor will allow for a more successful IVF. With this, a mother needs to deposit her egg cells, choose her preferred sperm donor by checking their family history, and the lab will combine the two until it’s ready for insemination.  
  • IVF with egg donor – In cases where a mother’s egg cells are too weak to accommodate her partner’s sperm cells, or if a certain condition makes her egg cells block the entrance of any sperm cell, looking for an egg donor might be a good option. While there might be fewer donor choices, it’d still help ensure that the baby still runs within the family.  
  • IVF with frozen embryos or sperm – There’s still hope for intended parents to have their own child without worrying about their current sperm or egg cell condition. This can happen with the help of freezing embryos or sperm while they’re still young. However, this might not be for everyone as one can’t anticipate whether or not they’ll have difficulty conceiving a baby. But, if you’d just want to be safe, freezing your embryos and sperm will allow for a greater chance of IVF success, especially if you’ve kept them frozen during your younger years.  

Going through IVF has a higher success rate than other non-natural ways of having a baby. However, it can be quite costly, especially if you’re going to opt for surrogacy. But, if you have all the means to go through this process, IVF is definitely one of best routes to take.

2. Artificial Insemination 

Artificial insemination is a process wherein the sperm cells of the intended father will be manually inseminated by a doctor into the woman’s cervix, fallopian tubes, or uterus. This procedure is helpful, especially if the sperm has difficulty entering the egg cells, resulting in an unsuccessful baby-making process.  

Before proceeding with artificial insemination, however, you’ll need lab tests to see if the sperm and egg cells are in their best condition and are ready to form a baby. However, if one party fails the test, looking for a sperm or egg donor would be the second best option. 


Conceiving a baby is getting more advanced each day that it’s now possible for people who aren’t capable of having their own child to become parents. In these modern times, you can finally create a baby by way of a laboratory dish, a surrogate mother, or artificial insemination. While the final choice would be completely up to you, doctors would recommend trying artificial insemination at least three times before proceeding with IVF since the latter is costly.  

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