3 Family-Friendly Ideas For Your Spare Room

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So, you have an extra room in your house, and you don’t know what to do with it. Talk about a fantastic problem to have! (My problem is a lack of space, not too much space.)

As a mom, I know just how precious household space is. In our house, every spare space is in full-time use. But, if you are lucky enough to have an extra room in your home that rarely gets used, you might be wondering what to do with it.

Although you could keep it as a spare room for when guests come to visit, it seems like a bit of a waste. With a growing family, you need to take advantage of every space in your house.

Of course, the obvious thing to do with a spare room is turn it into an extra bedroom for one of the kids. However, if your children already each have their own room, then what you do with the spare space is up to you – just make sure to take full advantage of it.

To help you decide what to do with your spare room, I have put together three of my favourite ideas:

1. Playroom

If you have young children and they don’t already have a playroom, then why not transform your spare room into a play space for your little ones?

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If you are sick and tired of finding your children’s toys scattered throughout the house, creating them their own designated play space is ideal. It will mean less tidying for you, as well as less stressing about having toys everywhere.

To create a beautiful playroom for your little ones all you need to do is paint the walls in bright, child-friendly colours or chalk paint. And then, lay easy-to-clean flooring and voila, your kids have a playroom.


2. Movie room

If you like the idea of creating a space that the whole family can use and enjoy, why not transform your spare room into a family movie space? Imagine how exciting it would be to have your very own home cinema room.

You would need to invest in a blackout blind, widescreen television, surround sound, and a high-quality DVD player. As well as some form of comfortable seating, like a sofa or extra large bean bags, and, of course, a snacks cabinet where you could keep all your cinema snacks in.


3. Library

If you are a keen reader and like to encourage the rest of the family to read, why not transform your spare room into a library-like space?

Creating a home library is a fantastic way to encourage the whole family to spend time sat quietly enjoying a book, instead of always being on the computer or games console.

To create a simple home library, all you need is a few bookshelves, some comfortable seating and perhaps a couple of desks. Aim to make your library a calming and relaxing space that the whole family will enjoy spending time in.

There are so many things you can do with a spare room, but these were just a few of my favourite ideas,


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