Fun Hobby Ideas For You And The Kids

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You have hobbies, and your kids have hobbies, but wouldn’t be great if you could enjoy one or more of these activities together? If you can find a hobby that you and your children all enjoy, this could provide a regular opportunity to spend some fun, quality time with each other. If you like this idea, do keep reading because I have a few fun hobby ideas that might just be perfect for you and your kids.

nature collections our friends have made



Creating a large and interesting collection of items that you’ve sourced or discovered over time can be very rewarding. It takes patience and a real interest in the things you are collecting, but if you and your kids can tick both these boxes then this might be the hobby for you. And the real beauty of this activity is that you can collect anything, and I mean anything! From stamps to shells and coca-cola bottle caps to collectable trucks, like an Eddie Stobart trailer, there is something for everyone! Start with a love that you all share (e.g. cats) and use this to inspire your collection hobby (e.g. collecting posters or ornaments of felines). You would not believe that metal detecting is also one of an exciting children hobbies for fun


Baking makes a great family hobby to enjoy at the weekend. But doing this activity on a regular basis doesn’t mean you will all end up the size of houses. You can use it as an opportunity to learn about fresh, healthy ingredients and to experiment with nutritious and delicious recipes. So, not only is this a fun activity for the whole family but it also educational and encourages an interest in healthy eating.

J's Bike


Bike riding

If you like the idea of getting out in the fresh air and being active with your children, a bike riding hobby could be just what you are looking for. Most kids adore learning how to ride a bike; it gives them a sense of accomplishment, freedom and independence. And for the whole family it gets you moving and means you spend less time in front of the TV! You can keep things exciting by picking a different route each time you ride; perhaps stopping off on the way for a well-earned picnic.

Child's Muffin Tin  Paint Palette


Arts and crafts

I love being crafty, and, fortunately, this is a hobby that my kids also enjoy. Art and craft hobbies are great because they provide the perfect opportunity to release all that creativity that’s bubbling inside. Sometimes we work on a project (like a card for their grandparents or painting eggs for Easter) but other times we just get the supplies out and create whatever we feel like. There are so many different arts and crafts activities you and your kids can try out; painting, jewelry making and sewing are just a few. You can find many affordable art supplies online so you can try a few out until you find one that you all love.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to find a hobby that you can share with your kids. I would love to hear from you if you have any more fun ideas.

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