3 Things to Do After You Bring Home a New Pet

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The excitement of bringing a new pet home is like Christmas morning all over again. However, unlike the rest of your holiday gifts, toys, and gadgets, this little miracle requires a little (okay, a lot) more care and attention. 

Pets aren’t quite as manageable as a new iPad Pro, unfortunately.

When you bring your fur baby home from the shelter, here are three things you’ll want to do for a smooth transition and easy adjustment—for you and your pet. 

#1 Lay Down Some Ground Rules

Inconsistency is the downfall of all great pet-training empires. If you’re going to successfully train your new furry friend, you have to present a united front. Yes, even when they fix those adorable puppy dog eyes on you—especially then, actually!

Before you even get in the car to pick up your new pal, get everyone on board with how things are going to go down, then actually stick to the decisions you make

Here are a few key things to discuss:

  • The kinds of behaviors that merit treats as a reward, like coming inside when called, sitting quietly when someone rings the doorbell, or performing tricks.
  • Any off-limits areas of the house (and when); for example, no begging for scraps at the table during mealtimes or jumping up on the nice couches.
  • How you’ll discipline them for bad behavior—a spray bottle for cats that love to scratch your couches, or crate time when your pup pees on the carpet, perhaps.
  • Their regular feeding schedule, including how big their portions will be.

If everyone sticks to the ground rules you agree upon, then pretty soon, your pet’s best behavior will be their only behavior. 

#2 Help Your Pet Relax & Adjust

It’s not too hard to imagine what it’s like for your pet on the first day in their new home. First, you’re locked in a crate and transported in a moving vehicle (maybe for the first time—what the heck is this contraption?!), then you’re ambushed by overly-excited giants who speak a foreign language, and after all that, you’re expected to be calm, cool, and collected.

Yeah, right. Not without a little extra something-something to take the edge off (wink, wink). 

Well, the same goes for cats and dogs, actually. Help them adjust to the sheer newness of it all with CBD oil for pets. It’s the least you can do after practically kidnapping them (but, like, in a loving way, so it’s all good!). 

#3 Keep It in The Family (For A While, Anyway)

Your new pet is already adjusting to a lot—a new space, new people, and new rules.

Before you go inviting your friends over to “play with the puppy” or “cuddle your little kitten,” give them time and space to get familiar with their new family first. 

This includes:

  • Limiting friends and extended family coming over to the house.
  • Avoiding dog parks and off-leash trails.
  • Saying no to doggy play dates—rain check, though! 
  • Protecting them from overly friendly dogs that want to “say hi.”

Soon enough, they’ll get to enjoy puppy play dates and sniff sessions galore. But until then, keep their inner circle small (and expand it slowly). 

Room Fur One More?

There’s nothing more exciting than a new (furry) addition to the family. But with great cuteness comes great responsibility. Remember, your new pet is a live animal, and chances are they’re a little scared. Give them time, space, a little pet-friendly CBD, and some standard ground rules, and they’ll be adjusting to life at home before you can say, “Who’s a good boy?”

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