4 Ways To Cope When Missing a Lost Loved One

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A couple holding their kid's shoes after losing him.

Losing someone near and dear to you can change your life forever. Time may make things easier, but that doesn’t mean that the longing will ever stop. It’s normal to miss people you’ve lost and sometimes it’s important to simply sit with those feelings and allow yourself to grieve, no matter how much time has passed.

Coping with these feelings can be tough and you might not know where to go with all your emotions. Here are a few ways that you can try to process and deal with what you’re going through, whether the loss was recent or even years in the past.


When you lose someone close to you, you’ll miss being physically close to them, and so some kind of keepsake such as a piece of jewellery or a memory box with their ashes could be comforting and help you when things feel extra difficult.

You can reach out to a company that will preserve cremation ashes in a keepsake item for you. This, you can keep close to you forever, knowing that a piece of them will always be with you.

Talk About It

Sometimes, we don’t want to talk, and that’s okay. However, talking about your loss and your feelings with others is an important part of grieving, processing death and even just coping with missing them. Talking about it with the right people will make you feel heard and understood.

It can even be beneficial to talk to others who are grieving too. Reach out to others who were close to your lost loved one and find out if they have space and time to reminisce a little with you. Talking about the good times can be a great way to reframe your feelings in a more positive way.

Write To Them

Especially if you feel that there were things left unsaid, you may find that writing a letter to your lost loved one can help ease some of the pain. Even though you know they’ll never read your words, putting your feelings down on paper can help you to process things and even achieve closure after death.

What you write will depend entirely on you. You might tell them how much they meant to you, how much you miss them, or even simply let them know what’s been going on in your life since they passed.

Spend Time In Nature

Getting outside and spending time in nature can do wonders for the soul and spirit. Many people find themselves more spiritually connected when they’re outdoors and surrounded by the peace of the natural world. Spending some time alone here might help you process your feelings and feel a little closer to your lost loved one.

If you live in a major city, you might wish to take some time off to visit somewhere surrounded by nature for a few days. Go outside, get your feet in the grass, pray, think, talk and do whatever you need to do to readjust your soul.

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