5 Awesome Things to Do Indoors When It’s Too Cold to Go Outside

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When the temperature outside is below zero, and you don’t feel like bundling up just to be able to go outdoors, you can always stay indoors and enjoy a lot of fun activities. While there is nothing inherently wrong with scrolling through your social media feed or binging on movies on streaming sites, you may want to do something different to keep yourself busy and entertained.

First off, you may want to gather your family or invite your friends for a sleepover so you can take this time to bond and create lovely memories. The next thing you need to do is to think about activities that everyone will enjoy. If you are looking for ideas, here are five exciting and awesome things you can do at home when it is too cold to go outside.

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Spend Time Together

When was the last time you actually spent quality time with family and friends without noise in the background and smartphones in your hands? Perhaps you have already forgotten the simple pleasures of simply being together. If so, you may want everyone to gather in the living room, maybe in front of the fireplace. You can sit on the soft rug, enjoy a cup of steaming hot chocolate, and play talking games like “truth or dare” or “never have I ever” to encourage the start of interesting conversations.

Make sure to prepare in advance so that everyone will have a good time. You can buy antimicrobial socks to keep everyone’s feet warm and toasty and have soft quilts and pillows ready to make your family or friends feel more comfortable. You may also want to try serving unique snacks or some old favorites to make the evening more extraordinary.

Complete a Puzzle

Solving a jigsaw puzzle is another enjoyable activity you can do with family and friends. Besides keeping everyone busy, putting puzzle pieces together is a great way to relieve stress, improve concentration and mental functions, boost fine motor skills, and reduce the risk of cognitive decline. It is also an excellent bonding activity since you can’t help but communicate with each other as you try to fit the pieces together.

You can try easy family puzzle sets of popular cartoon characters if you have kids around to keep them interested. If you are all adults, however, you may want something more challenging, like a puzzle with at least 500 pieces. Be sure to purchase a set with an attention-grabbing image, perhaps one with a nature scene or a famous painting so that you can put it on a frame and mount it on the wall after you’re done.

Play Board Games

Apart from solving puzzles, you can also play board games to beat the winter blues and build a deeper bond with your loved ones. You can pick one of the classics like Scrabble, Monopoly, or Battleship to relive sentimental memories. Better yet, invent your own games! For instance, you can transform an old blackboard into a Scrabble board and make your own rules. You can also use old cardboard boxes to play a game similar to Jenga or print different board games online. Play exciting music in the background, prepare snacks and warm drinks, and take lots of photos and videos so you can readily reminisce about the ensuing fun-filled hours.

Have a Luau

Instead of missing summer and tropical vacations, why don’t you transform your living room into a balmy spot and have a luau? Crank up the heat and decorate your home with printed tiki masks, plastic tropical fruits, scenery posters Hawaiian landscapes, and other items that remind you of summertime. Don’t forget to create leis or flower garlands and prepare grilled foods and tropical drinks. More importantly, dress the part! Wear your favorite summer clothes, dance to some island music, and have tons of fun. 

Do an Indoor Photoshoot

You can also get your creative juices flowing by holding an indoor photoshoot. Convert an area in your home into a mini studio, prop your tripod, and prepare your props and background. You don’t even have to use a high-end camera; even an ordinary smartphone will do. Keep in mind that you are after the experience and enjoyment rather than achieving impeccable results.

Try copying poses and recreating images of your favorite celebrities or scenes from movies and TV shows you love. You can also change your costumes several times and play with lighting and backdrops. Don’t be afraid to experiment with looks and photography styles. Just be yourself and have a blast with family or friends. After you’re done, edit the pictures, use filters if necessary, and upload them to your social media accounts. 

Just because you can’t go outside does not mean you have to spend your time in front of the screen or succumb to winter blues. There are certainly many fun-filled indoor activities that you can enjoy with your family or friends. You can get inspiration from the ideas above, or you can come up with other exciting things you can do that will make staying at home during the cold winter months more pleasurable. Play games, do crafts, learn a skill, or enjoy some quiet time together. There are no hard and fast rules—everything is up to you.

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