5 Flavor Combinations You Never Knew Tasted So Good

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Although we all seem to settle into what foods we like by the time we reach our mid-twenties: there are tons of combinations we’re missing out there! So whether you love comfort foods or you’re interested in cutting-edge new culinary treats: these are flavor combinations you have to try!

Each offers something different and gives you the chance to try a food you might not have tried otherwise!

Avocado and Chocolate

Avocado and chocolate may not make sense when on paper, but you won’t be disappointed if you think about it and try it.  The fat and inherent sweetness of the chocolate pairs extremely well with avocado and gives you the chance to enjoy a creamy and sweet dessert without having to load it with calories.

Some of the best recipes that combine the two are to make pudding, brownies, and other delectable treats where avocado is used as an egg replacement.

Sriracha and Peanutbutter

Another strange one for many: sriracha and peanut butter work well together because they contain salt, fat, acid, and spice.  Although you can go simple and make a sriracha peanut butter sandwich, there are many other fantastic options.

One of the most popular flavor combinations involves making ramen noodles and stirring in a tablespoon of sriracha along with a tablespoon of peanut butter.  When mixed in, it gives the ramen a sweet and savory flavor, with a creamy, spicy kick you can’t find elsewhere.

Hot Peppers and Cranberry

Spicy and sweet take up a lot of this list because they’re an incredibly underutilized flavor combination!  Cranberry pepper jelly can combine the best of both worlds and allow you to make dishes that surprise with flavor complexity while also thrilling the taste buds.

One of the best ways to use it is to spread this jelly on meat that you’re going to grill or cook, like chicken or pork, and then allow it to form a crispy and delicious coating.  You can also mix this into soups and serve it on toast!

Mango and Chili

If you’ve never been south of the American border or live in the northern half of the states, you may have never tried mangoes with chili!  This fantastic combo is so good because it offers you the chance to try some heat with sweetness.

When ripe, the mangoes will be juicy, sweet, and flavorful- while the chili provides a burst of savory heat that allows you to get the most out of every bite.  

Strawberry and Basil

This is a mix that may surprise many until they’ve tried it.  Strawberry and basil together make a flavor that is sure to thrill anyone who tries it.  The strawberry allows a burst of sweet and juicy flavor, while the basil is savory and herbal enough to excite.

This combination is especially lovely when paired with creamy goat cheese or served on a bagel with goat cheese.  It might catch you off guard at first, but after you’ve had a couple of bites, you’ll never look back!

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