5 Fun Ways to Stay Active in the Backyard With Kids

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Staying fit and healthy benefits all ages. Maintaining regular exercise or even just getting your heart rate up for around 20-60 minutes a day can benefit physical, cardiovascular, and mental health

However, when you’re a busy parent, you can’t always sneak off for a run or trip to the local gym. Plus, it’s more fun to get exercise with the kids as a family than alone. 

Save the solo fitness excursion and get a workout in your backyard. It’s your space to do what you want, which alleviates anxiety for the I-don’t-like-being-watched types — adults or children! 

If you’re searching for ways to keep the kids, and yourself, occupied and energetic, then read on to see how you can make outdoor time a lot more fun. 

1) Trampoline 

You would be lying if you said bouncing on a trampoline didn’t make you feel somewhat infinite! There’s something very exhilarating about bouncing super high on this springy contraption. The kids will love a 12ft trampoline, with enough space for multiple bouncers to have fun bonding together and learn new moves. Of course, there are multiple types of trampolines. Among the best brands, you’ll find the best trampoline for kids because of the way they are built and the security standards they meet. 

A trampoline is not just a young person’s game, either. You and your partner can jump freely to reap the benefits of bouncing. Trampolining is a great way to: 

  • Relieve tension and stress
  • Improve coordination
  • Tone muscles
  • Impress the kids with cool tricks

Do you need any more convincing?

2) Pogo Stick 

It may sound a bit crazy, but while we’re talking about bouncing, a pogo stick is sure to get the whole family working out and undoubtedly in fits of laughter. What’s better is pogo sticks are not particularly expensive, and they don’t take up much space. 

You could experiment with pogo races down the garden (whoever wins has to wash up!) and see who can stay upright for the longest amount of time. 

3) Trapeze Swing

Trapeze swings are excellent for strengthening your arms, core, and thighs. These swings are also brilliant for playing pretend with the kids, as it’s easy to feel like a professional trapeze artist in the circus. 

If you don’t already have one, you will need a swing stand to attach this to. Or an extremely sturdy tree branch. The kids will require some supervision, too, especially at first. However, this fun and imaginative swing is fun for the whole family.

4) Shoot Hoops

Playing basketball is an undemanding way to stay active. It’s also an activity that is more inclusive of those who require a wheelchair, crutches, or get fatigued quite easily. 

You will need a basketball hoop or stand for this. However, they aren’t hard to find. Once installed in the yard, the hoop can be enjoyed by multiple people, including neighborhood friends. You’ll always have an excuse to leave the house and be outdoors. 

5) Gardening 

This isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. However, once you try it, you might realize that gardening is more enjoyable than first thought. It also keeps your blood flowing, as being on your feet in the sun makes anyone sweat. You also have to exert energy to plant and pull out weeds. 

Weeding and digging can be a good way to release negative energy in the body. If you create a vegetable plot and even get some herbs on the go, the whole house will find pleasure in the fresh produce as a result.


You might not be able to run far, ski, or swim on your backyard grass. However, you can plant beautiful veggies, play basketball, and trampoline the day away. These activities should bring a bit of enjoyment and much-needed bonding time to your family. 

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