How Mental Health and Physical Health are Linked

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The state of your mental and physical health is directly correlated to one another. You can look at the facts, like how depression is linked to doubling your chance of dying from cancer, or you can reflect on your own life and how much positivity arises when you do something healthy and good for your body. 

When one shines or falters the other follows suit, and to promote the best of both you must structure your life around activities that promote a healthy lifestyle through positive mindsets and an active body. 

The Power of Working Out. 

Chances are, after a workout, you say something along the lines of “wow, that felt great!”. 

This statement alone showcases the link between physical and mental health, as exercise and physical activities are some of the best ways to avoid mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. If you need mental health assistance, you can check out Hillsborough counseling.

It starts because exercise directly enhances your overall self-esteem. Your mind is set on the track of pursuing a greater existence, one that you can feel good in your own body about, and because of such every time you do something physical to closer reach your goal your mind will really appreciate the initiation of forward momentum. 

And then there’s the simple science of it, the fact that exercise has time and time again proven to increase mood and promote healthy mindsets as exercise and physical activity promotes blood flow to the brain areas associated with decreasing stress levels and enhancing mood. 

A simple 15-minute jog, a walk outside, or a quick session lifting weights and doing some jumping jacks is enough to really kickstart your mental health. You don’t have to spend money and join a gym to do this, and instead, just do what you can and the effects will show!

The Joys of Sex

Exercise is great for mental health, but you want to know what’s even better? A good sex life! 

Not only does a good sex life with your partner increase self-esteem and happiness because of the intimacy openly shared between one another, but orgasms are proven to have sheer power over your mental health. 

An orgasm, and sex in general, release hormones that are amazing for your mind. We’re talking dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin; all sorts of chemicals that flood your brain during sexual activity and leave you with a natural little ‘high’ that directly improves your mental health. 

These hormones not only help knock out a lot of your negative thought processes, but they also do things like allow for better sleep, reduce stress, and further increase sex drive to  keep the dominos of improving physical and mental health falling. 

Just think, if an orgasm can help to reduce the chance of prostate cancer, control the flow of menstrual cycles, and even help with your chance of fighting off common colds and flu, then they must be a powerhouse for a healthy mind and body. 

And if you are a female struggling to reach an orgasm, or simply wish to add a little spice to your self or partner play, then you should absolutely check out some adult toys for women to incorporate into the bedroom!

Sex toys provide you with a means to promote every form of sensuality within yourself and to further help you to learn exactly what your body likes, and this will directly allow for more and more of those leg-shaking moments that have such a wonderful effects on our bodies! 

So yes, sex toys really are as healthy as can be!

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