5 Health Issues in Dogs That Can Be Treated With CBD

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There’s nothing more difficult than seeing someone you love in pain or struggling with health issues, and it’s even worse when it’s your dog. Over the years, we have learned that our loyal friends also have similar issues that we have as humans, including anxiety, pain and other health problems. 

As science discovers better ways to improve our health, it’s also doing the same for our pets. The world of pet products is enormous, and there are many things to choose from, even when it comes to buying CBD products. The market for these types of products for our pets has exploded since research has shown there may be some positive health benefits.

While there is no definitive scientific data yet, scientists do know that the properties of CBD interact with endocannabinoid receptors located in our nervous systems. These aim to keep the body in a normal healthy state and help to maintain balance. Since CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, companies have found new and safe ways for pets to consume CBD products without being worried about any harmful side effects. Here are some health issues that dog parents can treat using CBD.

Relieve Seizure or Epilepsy Symptoms

It’s amazing what CBD oil for dogs can do to help relieve symptoms from pets suffering with epilepsy or seizures. The typical treatment for a dog suffering from seizures are drugs like potassium bromide or phenobarbital. The problem using these treatments is that they don’t always work, and if they do, the use has the potential to damage the liver. This is why an alternative organic option could be a safer method to try.

Pain Management

There’s anecdotal evidence from pet owners that suggest using CBD products can help treat pain in their dogs. Another reason why it’s helpful is because it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in your dog’s body. Whether your dog is dealing with chronic pain, is recovering from an injury or is getting older and experiencing arthritis, they can all benefit from using CBD to relieve some pain and discomfort.

Combat Cancer and Other Diseases

The properties of CBD have been shown to have positive health effects. Along with being anti-inflammatory, it can also help with nausea, cardiac benefits, stimulating appetite, relieving anxiety and although there’s no conclusive data there may be possible anti-cancer benefits too. Some research has shown that the properties in hemp may contribute to slowing the growth of tumours. 

Helps With Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Vets are not completely sure what causes inflammatory bowel disease in dogs, but they’re fairly certain it has to do with the immune system and its exposure to threats like toxins, mold, fungi, bacteria and parasites. It could also be due to genetics, allergies or simply stress. There are many treatments, but CBD seems to be the most promising without all the side effects because of its healing properties.

Relieving Anxiety

One of the greatest things about CBD is that it is effective in relieving anxiety, not just for humans but for dogs too. Many dogs suffer from anxiety for many different reasons. Incidents from their past if they are adopted can cause extreme anxiety, or an intense fear of loud noises or car rides. Many even suffer from separation anxiety, so there are several reasons why owners have turned to CBD products to help relieve their stress.They have also helped people who suffer from PTSD or panic attacks. If you have an anxious pet at home, you can try to reduce their discomfort and help them cope by trying CBD. 

As cannabis and CBD oil become legal across the world we are finding new benefits from their properties and have created alternative ways of taking CBD to help make it easier for people and pets to consume. It’s amazing that nature has given us the hemp plant so we can access it’s healing properties for ourselves and for our best friends.

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